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Dumb Bunnies

Burton shows Karen some surveillance photos of her walking into Charlie's club. Burton complains that he's been working on this case for three years and now Karen is going to compromise it. Karen says it's also her investigation. Burton threatens to "swear out a formal complaint" because Karen was "fraternizing with a gangster." Karen reminds him that "that street drives both ways." Burton tells Karen to "stay. Away. From Charlie." Amos -- who has been sitting there the whole time -- quietly says, "You know what I like about that man?" Karen looks at him expectantly. Amos says, "Nothing." Perfect delivery.

Karen returns to Mrs. Solchak's trailer. Kenny pulls up across the street and tells Charlie via phone that he's on it. Karen walks into the trailer and tells Mrs. Solchak what her boys have been up to. Mrs. Solchak shows Karen a photo of Mother's Day 1993, when her boys stole her a pink car. Mrs. Solchak says that her boys always had the best of intentions. Karen says that she thinks she's figured out a way to save them, but that she needs Mrs. Solchak's help, and she needs to get in touch with the boys. Mrs. Solchak says that the boys love Lynyrd Skynyd, and that the band has been playing all weekend on the radio.

Bob and Merle change a tire on their SUV. Merle explains that they are going to find a fence for the baseball in Tampa, lie low for a while, and then head down to Mexico. Bob is surprised about their final destination. Merle claims that they don't have extradition in Mexico, but Bob thinks they do. Merle is sure they don't, and says that they could do well down there. Bob asks what will happen with the double-wide trailer for their mother. Merle says that they can still buy it. Bob sadly says that if they're in Mexico, they'll never see their mother. Merle asks if Bob really thought they would all live together in the trailer. Bob looks sad. Merle yells that they are fugitives, and that the first place the cops will look is at their mom's trailer -- plus they have people trying to kill them. Merle announces that they are going to Mexico, and that the decision is final. Bob punches Merle in the back of the head. Merle asks why he did that, and Bob fearfully (his brother is about a foot taller) says that he was trying to knock some sense into him. Before a fight can break out, the announcer on the radio says that the next song is going out to Bob and Merle Solchak, and that their mother needs to talk to them. The radio starts playing "Gimme Three Steps."

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