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Dumb Bunnies

Bob and Merle crowd into a phone booth and call their mother. She tells them that they've caused enough trouble, and that she wants them to get in the car and drive exactly where she tells them.

The brothers drive to an underpass, park, and get out of their SUV. I think it's the same underpass where Patrick Dempsey stopped last week to beat up his steering wheel. Karen pulls up and tells the boys to get in. They hesitate, so she reluctantly pulls out a gun and tells them to get in or she'll shoot them. Another car pulls up, and Karen tells the boys to get in now. They see the other car approaching, so they dive into the back seat. Karen takes off.

Charlie's in the kitchen when an alarm goes off. He runs out to his giant foyer and tells the security alarm installer to shut the thing off. Charlie's phone rings, and Kenny says that he's found the Solchaks. Charlie wants them killed immediately. Kenny hesitates and says that he can't. Charlie's doorbell rings. Across the street, the FBI agents can't believe what they are seeing.

Charlie opens the door to find Karen and the Solchaks (the latter of whom are both handcuffed). Charlie wonders why Karen brought them there. The Solchaks apologize for taking the baseball, and Merle hands it back to Charlie. Karen asks whether this means that all accounts are settled. Charlie agrees. Karen tells Charlie that he got his ball back and didn't have to kill anyone to do it. She says that he also has that plan to get back at Burton. Charlie doesn't know what she's talking about, and asks her to remind him. Karen leans forward and whispers in Charlie's ear, and he gets a big grin on his face.

Cut to a public bathroom. Burton walks out of a stall and starts washing his hands. Another guy at the sinks introduces himself as Ambrose Pierce, Charlie's lawyer. He explains that Charlie has filed a lawsuit against Burton for allowing a felony to take place at Casa Lucre while it was under surveillance by FBI agents. The lawyer thinks that the judge will especially get a kick out of the surveillance photos provided to Charlie by the FBI. The lawyer walks out, and Burton has nothing to say.

Karen asks the Solchaks if they mind making a quick stop before going back to prison. They shrug. Karen opens the door and reveals that they're at Mrs. Solchak's trailer. The boys hug their mother. She says that she made them their favorite, peanut butter and bacon. She hugs them again and says she loves them. Then she smacks Merle upside the head. He asks why she did it, and she says it was for breaking out of prison. Merle says that Bob broke out too and she says that Merle should know better, and asks where he planned to go. Merle sheepishly says that he was going to Mexico. Mrs. Solchak says that they have extradition, and Bob looks at Merle like, "Told ya!" Mrs. Solchak says she knows that they always wanted to make her proud, and that they can do that by going back to prison and serving out their sentences, and she'll be there when they get out. They agree, and she tells them to eat their sandwiches. Mrs. Solchak walks over to Karen and says, "Man, their dad was dumb as a post, but holy crap was he good-looking."

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Karen Sisco




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