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Dumb Bunnies

Karen walks through the prison, in a similar shot to the one in the opening, except no fire. She talks to Homer, who says he used to drive for Charlie about twenty years ago. Karen takes notes as Homer explains that that's how he knew about the baseball. He knew that Charlie would catch up with the Solchaks eventually, and he thinks his plan would have worked with a little more luck and a little less "grit" on Karen's part. Karen asks Homer why he would do it. Homer says, "I hate Lynyrd Skynyrd!" Karen smiles as Homer walks off.

That night, the Solchaks sing "Freebird" together in their cell. Horribly. And off-key. And loudly. Next door, Homer sits on his bed with his hands over his ears. Poor Homer.

Marshall and Karen walk down to his boat. Karen says that the boat still needs a name. Marshall still likes Max, and Karen says that maybe they should hold off on the name. Marshall says it's unlucky for a boat to have no name. Karen and Marshall hop into the boat. Marshall asks Karen to untie a rope, and he can't remember the name of it. Karen suggests, "The stern line?" Marshall says that he's no good with names, and reveals that Karen was a month old before they named her. Karen asks what they called her in the meantime. Marshall says, "What's-Her-Face." Karen laughs. Marshall says that Mrs. Sisco wanted to name the baby Celia after her favorite aunt. Karen asks what Marshall wanted, and Marshall says, "Max." Karen smiles, and then her phone rings. She promises it will be quick. She answers the phone and says, "I'm on my way," and climbs out of the boat, saying goodbye to her father. Will they ever get their boat ride?

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Karen Sisco




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