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Dumb Bunnies

Karen is still talking to Mrs. Solchak, who yells that her sons are idiots, because they only had six months left on a five-year sentence. She adds that she told them that if they screwed up again, she wanted nothing to do with them. Karen keeps trying to interrupt, but Mrs. Solchak is on a roll as she realizes that nothing changes, because she has the "same pair of nitwit kids on the run, same Marshal trying to catch them." Mrs. Solchak sighs that she's given up on those boys, and wonders why Karen hasn't as well. Karen politely reminds her that it's her job to go after them. Mrs. Solchak sits down and points out that there has to be more than one U.S. Marshal in the state of Florida, so she wonders why Karen was assigned the case again. Karen says that since she put them away the first time, Bob sends her a card every year on her birthday. Mrs. Solchak is touched and says, "Nice." Karen asks if she's heard from her boys. Mrs. Solchak insists that her boys won't call, because they know how she feels. Cue the phone ringing. Karen says that if it's the boys, Mrs. Solchak needs to keep them talking. Mrs. Solchak says that she wants the boys back in jail more than Karen does. She picks up the phone, and it's Bob. Mrs. Solchak pretends for Karen's benefit that it's another waitress wanting to switch shifts. Bob -- not the brightest guy -- doesn't get it and keeps telling her that it's Bob. Karen checks the Caller ID and sees that the call is coming from Sylvio's. I told you that would be important in a minute. Mrs. Solchak quickly hangs up. Bob tells Merle, "I think she's drunk." Mrs. Solchak tells Karen she'll let her know if she hears from the boys. Karen thanks her and leaves.

Karen talks to some guy from her office who immediately wants to know what she needs. Karen wonders whatever happened to the niceties, and asks the guy how he knows this isn't just a social call. The guy isn't moved and asks what she needs. Karen asks for a trace on the Sylvio's Catering phone.

Charlie Lucre leaves his estate in a luxury car being driven by Kenny from Ed. Wow, good thing he left Ed so that he could take on far more lucrative roles like "Bodyguard." Charlie stops in front of the surveillance van and holds up two pictures of young ladies, informing the agents that they should let Burton know that's what he's doing tonight. One of the FBI agents calls Charlie "a wank," and laments that he could be watching the Marlins right now. That's the second Marlins reference in about three minutes, since Karen mentioned them in the last scene.

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