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Dumb Bunnies

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Dumb Bunnies

As Charlie pulls away, Bob and Merle roll up in their catering van. They climb out, now dressed in Hawaiian shirts and khakis, and run for the house. The FBI agents wonder who those guys are, and decide to call Burton. Bob and Merle try the first door they come to, which is locked. Merle starts trying to scale the wall to reach an upstairs window, but Bob finds that the next door is unlocked. They sneak into the house, marveling that it's "like a palace." Bob recites his favorite Latin phrase again, referencing the fact that there was no security alarm. Merle tells him to shut up. Bob says he saw a house like this "on TV with that annoying guy from Australia who goes to all them fancy houses belonging to the rich and famous." Merle suggests that Bob is thinking of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Bob says that's not it, because it's the one with that guy from Australia. Merle turns and asks how they are related. Bob supplies that they are brothers. Oh, dumb burglars. Hilarious.

Bob wonders who lives in the house. Merle says that Homer claimed it was "some retired white-bread country-club dude." Bob looks around at the incredibly ugly statues and says that the owner definitely has class. Merle spots the baseball and runs over to the case. Bob suddenly recalls that Robin Leach is the host of the show he was talking about earlier. The cell phone rings, and Bob answers it, despite Merle's protests. It's Karen. Merle keeps telling Bob to hang up. Merle smashes the glass case and snatches the baseball. Karen tells Bob that his mother wants them to turn themselves in. Merle finally asks who's on the phone, and Bob tells him that it's Karen. Merle grabs the phone and smashes it on the floor, and then stomps on it a few times. Bob asks why he did that, and Merle tells him that they can trace those. Karen hangs up her phone, and a voice tells her that they got a good trace, and gives her an address. Karen says she's ten minutes away.

The FBI agents are still watching the antics of Bob and Merle. One agent explains via telephone what's going on to Burton, who can't believe that someone broke into Charlie Lucre's house. The agent asks if they should pick the burglars up. Burton tells them not to do anything, but to get pictures of the burglars, and make sure there are clear shots of their faces. The agent hangs up and watches as Bob and Merle make their way out of their house by falling off a giant wall. The agent takes pictures as Bob and Merle run off to their truck.

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