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Dumb Bunnies

A Burt Reynolds-looking dude dressed all in black walks through an airport parking lot, and there's a really cool shot of a plane taking off over his head. He gets into a car and finds a briefcase on the passenger seat. The briefcase contains the photographs of Bob and Merle, and a gun. So this is the friend from Detroit.

Karen visits Mrs. Solchak again. Karen says that Mrs. Solchak lied to her, and Mrs. Solchak says that she was protecting her boys. Karen says that the boys stole something "from the kind of man you don't steal from." Karen says very seriously that the boys are "in really big trouble," and that she's the only one who can help them. Mrs. Solchak admits that she spoke to them after Karen left and urged them to give themselves up, but she doesn't think it did much good. They gave her a phone number, and now it's out of service. Karen wants to know if they call again. Mrs. Solchak says they said they wouldn't call until they have a big surprise for her. Karen leaves, and Mrs. Solchak looks worried.

A pawn-shop guy checks out the autograph on the baseball with a magnifying glass. He offers the boys a million dollars. Merle negotiates the guy to $1.5 million. Pawn Shop Guy says he'll need some time to scrape up the cash, and asks the boys to meet him in the shop at 6:30 PM. They agree, and leave with the baseball.

Outside, Bob congratulates Merle on his negotiation skills. Merle says he has a good feeling about this. Meanwhile, Pawn Shop Guy checks a photo of the boys he has taped to the underside of the counter, and calls Charlie Lucre. I was kind of wondering how the boys thought they would be able to sell the baseball. It seems like a rare item like that would be difficult to get rid of without attracting a lot of attention. Then again, these boys aren't so bright.

Karen and Marshall buy sausages from an outdoor vendor. Karen says she thought Marshall was on vacation. Marshall says he's supposed to be on a boat with her. He adds that he's discovered that Charlie Lucre has spread the word that he wants the ball and the Solchaks, and that he's been spreading around a photograph. Marshall pulls out a copy to show Karen, who recognizes it as an FBI surveillance photo. Karen says it's low even for Burton to leak that to Charlie. Marshall suggests that she find the guys before Charlie does, and asks if she has a plan. Karen asks if Marshall's still on vacation, and Marshall allows that he could take a couple of days off. Karen says she'll go see Charlie and see if he'll back off. Marshall reminds her to say pretty please.

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