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Dumb Bunnies

Amos and Karen stand outside the now-demolished pawn shop, which is surrounded by cop cars and yellow caution tape. Amos asks if there's any sign of the Solchaks, and Karen says that they got out, and that law-enforcement personnel couldn't get any information from the gun they found on the John Doe inside. I have to wonder how they picked out the correct gun from the presumably numerous guns that were found inside the pawn shop after the explosion. Amos wonders about the John Doe, and Karen thinks he was from out of town because "no one from Miami owns a suit like that." Amos spots Bender walking up and says, "Speaking of suits...." Bender asks Karen what they've got. Karen responds, "An ambitious pencil-pushing FBI section chief who's using a couple of dim-witted fugitives to settle a personal vendetta against a local gangster." Wow, that was quite a mouthful. Bender says that those are strong accusations, and asks if she has any proof. Karen shoves a crumpled paper into Bender's hand and takes off. Bender uncrumples the paper; it's the FBI photo of the Solchaks from Charlie's house. Wouldn't that have burned up in the explosion?

Charlie and Kenny check out the remains of the friend from Detroit. Charlie is disappointed that the baseball isn't there. He reasons that at least he kept his deal with Karen, even if she didn't keep her appointment with him. Charlie tells Kenny to call their friend from Detroit. Kenny is like, "Um, he's kind of dead and lying right here?" Charlie says that he wants their "other friend from Detroit," and that Kenny should make sure he's got a cell phone this time.

Cut to exactly the same shot of a different hit man walking through the airport parking lot, complete with the airplane flying overhead. Hey, I wonder if that airplane was computer-generated. I just thought about that because I read this book about the making of The Bonfire of the Vanities, and they talked about how long it took them to get this one shot of an airplane landing at sunset, so I wonder if they just did that hit-man shot on the computer. Anyway. The sequence is the same as the first (with a different guy), but it cuts off when the guy grabs the manila envelope, and we don't get to see what's inside.

Marshall buys some food from a street vendor. Karen gives him crap about eating such bad food, so he offers her half and she accepts. Karen asks if he's found any information for her. Marshall checks his cell phone, finds no messages, and says that the word is out and they should have something soon. Karen complains that the Solchaks are still fugitives, Charlie is hiring hit men over a baseball, and Burton is encouraging them both. Marshall says, "Give a man what he needs, he still wants what he wants." Huh? Karen makes a face like, "Huh?" Marshall's phone rings, and someone named Tom tells him that two guys just walked into his pawn shop looking for a buyer for a Babe Ruth autographed baseball. Karen and Marshall head for their car, and we see the second friend from Detroit watching them, and then he holds up a photo of Karen. At first I thought the guy was going to try to kill Karen, but why would Charlie want Karen dead? Instead, I think the idea was that Karen would find the Solchaks, so this guy should just follow Karen and she would lead him to the target. He could also have a photo of the Solchaks. Since we didn't see him open the envelope, we don't know what was in there.

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