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Dumb Bunnies

The Solchaks walk into another pawn shop. This one has a lot of sports memorabilia. Marshall walks out from the back, holding a briefcase, pretending to be the buyer. Merle asks where the other guy went, and Marshall says that they can ask questions or they can make a deal. They bicker over whether the money or the ball should be seen first. Merle and Marshall reach "an impasse" over this issue, so Karen slinks out from the back, gun drawn, and says she thinks it's called "a Mexican standoff." Well, only in that three parties are involved. I believe a true Mexican standoff would mean that all three parties wanted to kill each other. Since Marshall and Karen are on the same side, it doesn't really work. Wow, I just spent way too much time analyzing that. Karen says hello to the Solchaks and tells them to put their hands on the counter while Marshall frisks them. Karen asks where the ball is. Merle asks if she thinks they would be dumb enough to have it on them. Marshall finds the ball in Bob's pocket. While the Solchaks bicker, Karen spots the second hit man coming in the door, and orders everyone to get down. The hit man uses two guns to start just shooting into the store. Karen and Marshall both return fire. Merle and Bob take advantage of the confusion to grab the baseball and run out the back door. They try to steal Marshall's Cadillac, but it's got, according to Bob, "that steering wheel thingy." Instead, Merle uses a rock to smash the window of an SUV parked nearby. As he backs out, Merle runs over the second hit man, who was fleeing the shop. Marshall and Karen come upon the dead hit man and look at each other like, "Huh."

Charlie and Kenny lie out by the pool. Charlie's phone rings. He answers it, listens, sighs, and hangs up. Charlie tells Kenny, "We officially have no more friends in Detroit." Kenny replies, "There's always Chicago." Heh. Charlie says that there's no time, and that he wants his ball back and the Solchaks dead. Kenny asks what they're going to do about the FBI, and the possibility that Charlie is being set up. Charlie says he's not worried, because if they get caught, Kenny will take the fall. Also, Charlie tells Kenny that nothing is to happen to Karen. Kenny doesn't seem to know what to say about that "taking the fall" business. Charlie takes off his shirt and dives into the pool. I guess it was supposed to be funny, but I really didn't need to see Danny DeVito without a shirt ever, much less for an extended period of time.

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