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Karen chases a criminal on foot through some sort of loading-dock area. She's wearing kind of a strange outfit for Karen: a sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off, dress pants, and high-heeled boots. Luckily for her, given her athletic endeavors at the moment, the boots have a stack heel instead of a stiletto. "Mas" by Kinky plays on the soundtrack. I think Kinky is the new Fatboy Slim. Anyway, Karen runs and comes very close to catching the criminal. The guy glances over his shoulder to see that Karen is right there, and then a car screeches up and hits him. The guy goes flying over the hood. Karen looks horrified. Konner (Gary Cole) gets out of the car and cuffs the guy. Karen asks what Konner's doing, since that's her collar. Konner doesn't answer the question, and just says he's been looking for this guy. He asks Karen if she needs a ride as she gapes at him, and tries to catch her breath after all that running.

Fade up on some sort of Marshal Morning Meeting. Amos says that someone needs to transport Eddie Donetti to Denver. One of the Marshals advises everyone to stay away from that job, because Eddie Donetti doesn't bathe. Karen walks in and sits down. Amos tells her that she's late. Karen apologizes and sits down. A fellow Marshal whispers that she's moving slow today, and that he heard she had quite a workout. Karen asks who told him that, and gives Konner the stinkeye. The guy says that word gets around, but Amos totally busts him for not paying attention and assigns him the stinky Donetti transport. The guy complains about sitting on a plane with the smelly guy for four hours, and Amos says that it will actually be two days in a car, because Donetti won't fly. Everyone chuckles. Amos assigns the guy a partner, and then announces that he's got three fugitives who were released from prison in Biloxi and then, one day later, robbed a bookstore in Decatur. Konner adds that they stole a car and turned up in St. Petersburg. Konner says that he's got his eye on this one. Amos asks if he knows the fugitives, and instead of answering the question, Konner explains that he knows the guy who roomed with one of them in prison. Konner thinks he can talk to the cellmate and find out the fugitives' plans. Amos says that Konner will need backup. Konner wants to go alone. Amos refuses, and tells Konner to choose a partner. Konner, to the surprise of no one, chooses Karen. Well, Karen seemed surprised. No one else was. Amos says, "Done."

Karen walks into Amos's office and asks if they can talk about the situation. Amos says no. Karen tries to rephrase, but Amos says that Konner is "an arrogant son of a bitch" who stole Karen's collar, and that the cons are "a couple of alphas in a cage." Karen doesn't think that's the point, and Amos says the point is that she's the only one he's got who can keep up with Konner. Amos asks if she can do that. Konner walks in and asks if Karen's ready to get started. Karen asks for a minute. She looks back at Amos, trying to figure out how to get out of this. Amos doesn't even look up at her, and just says, "Work it out." Karen huffs and turns around.

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Karen Sisco




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