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Karen walks to her car and calls her father on her cell phone. She asks to talk to his friend who knows Konner.

Cut to Karen and some old guy talking at a beachfront bar. You know, I have never once wanted to visit or live in Miami, but this show is kind of tempting me, because they make it look so pretty. Of course, you can't feel heat and humidity through the television. Karen asks Retired Cop if he knew Konner well. RC says that no one did, except maybe his partner, O'Hara, and that the two of them "were more at home in the jungle than out of it." Karen points out that it's not a jungle, and RC says it was for them. RC explains that Konner's partner was a drunk. He relates a story of a time they were chasing a fugitive through a burning building, and the roof was about to cave in, and O'Hara stopped at the fridge to pick up a beer. Karen asks how she can get in touch with O'Hara. RC says she should try a psychic, because he's dead. Karen asks how it happened. RC says he fell ten stories. RC adds that O'Hara and Konner were on a warrant, and one minute O'Hara was on the roof, and the next he wasn't. There were "five bangers on the roof, getting loaded," and Konner brought them all in. The autopsy on O'Hara said that his B.A.C. was .20 plus, so the kids walked. Karen asks if he remembers the kids' names. RC doesn't. Karen pulls out mug shots of her three fugitives. RC says it could be them. He heard that two of the kids disappeared: "Nobody knows how, and nobody asked why."

Karen calls some guy named Phil, and asks if he's been working ports. He has. She asks the name of a guy who's been smuggling cons to Costa Rica. Phil says it sounds like Luis, and Karen says they should bring him in.

Cut to an interrogation room. Karen and Phil talk to Luis, who thinks at first that Karen is a transcriptionist. Karen puts out Luis's cigarette for him and asks if he's a travel agent. Luis plays dumb. Phil advises Luis not to piss Karen off, because she's not after him. Karen says she's not yet. Luis says he's "been known to facilitate movement from one place to another from time to time." Karen asks if business is good. Luis says that people have places to go. Karen shows Luis the mug shots of Jamaal and Fuzz, and says that they're heading to Costa Rica. Luis says he has no idea. Karen notices Luis's face and asks where he got his black eye. Luis: "Punched myself shaving." Heh. Phil gives Luis a warning look. Luis asks why he should talk to them, and laughs at the idea of Karen running him in. Karen tells Luis that she'll take him on a drive around his neighborhood in a big car with flashing lights. Luis gets the hint and says he was supposed to meet the guys a couple of hours ago, but that they didn't show. Karen sighs. Luis tells her to check with "that other guy," who "had a badge just like [Karen's]." Karen asks if she means Phil. How dumb is she really? This episode is bugging me because the whole plot revolves around Karen not figuring it out, when it's so, so obvious. And that just makes Karen look dumb, which is not the Karen we've seen in previous episodes. Anyway, Luis says that the guy is white, tall, and serious with a mean right hook.

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Karen Sisco




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