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Karen walks into Amos's office. She says he asked if there was something he should know. Amos asks if she's talking about Konner, and that he thought Konner went fishing. Yes, he's probably fishing in that swampland in Florida I bought last week. Get a grip, people! Karen says, "No, he's not fishing. He's hunting."

Fuzz and Jamaal walk through an alley. Fuzz says he thought Luis had their tickets, and doesn't understand why they don't go and get them. Jamaal says that he saw Konner there, so they had to run. Jamaal hears a siren and checks it out, then keeps walking. Jamaal curses Six, saying that if it wasn't for him, they'd be free right now. Fuzz doesn't want Jamaal to talk shit about Six, and says he wants to go home. Jamaal tries to think of an alternate plan, but Fuzz just wants to go home. He keeps repeating it until Jamaal snaps at him. Jamaal says he's so busy looking out for everyone else that he's not taking care of himself. Jamaal adds that if they stay together, they're dead. Fuzz is like, "Can we pet the rabbits, George?" Jamaal starts to walk off. Fuzz asks him to point him towards D.C. Jamaal stops and looks back at Fuzz, then motions for him to join him. Fuzz does.

Karen sits at her desk, looking things up on her computer. She's reading O'Hara's autopsy report, including his elevated blood alcohol level. Her phone rings. It's Naomi, who says that Jamaal told her to call. Naomi told him he could trust Karen, and that he wants to turn himself in tonight, but only to Karen. She says it's fine. Naomi starts to tell her what Jamaal says about Konner, but Karen says she already knows. She arranges the meet.

Karen walks through a parking garage. Her car is the only one left. She hears a noise, and looks that way while pulling out her cell phone. She dials a number and then waits. Across the garage, another phone rings. Konner answers it and says, "Nice move." See, that's smart! Karen slowly starts walking toward Konner's car, and asks how fishing went, and if he caught anything. Konner says he hasn't yet, but he will. Karen tells him that the kids didn't kill his partner, because his partner was drunk. Konner replies: "You disappoint me. I thought you got it, how it was with us and them. We stand up and die; they kill us and walk." This is all very Midnight Caller. Karen says that there is no "them," because bad guys have faces and Konner knew that once. As she approaches Konner's car, Karen slowly pulls her gun out of her bag. Konner says he knows what he's become. Karen swings around the back of an SUV with her gun drawn, but there's no one there. And Konner has hung up the phone. A Konner's-eye-view camera shot shows us that he's actually up another level in the garage, watching her. Karen gets into her car and peels out.

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Karen Sisco




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