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Konner and Karen walk though the office, both talking, neither onelistening to the other. Konner says that he talked to the warden in Biloxi, and that they can get in to talk to the cellmate tonight, so he booked them on a flight. He tells Karen to go home, pack a bag, and meet back there in an hour. Karen tells him that if they're going to work together, they need to get a few things straight. Konner asks if she was saying something. Oh, man. What an ass! Karen asks why he chose her. Konner says she's smart, has good instincts, and he thinks he can count on her. Karen asks if she can count on him. Konner promises that they'll get along fine, and reminds her to be back in an hour. Karen checks out the mug shots of the three fugitives.

The three fugitives hang out next to their car in an underpass. Hey, is that the same one where Carl beat on the steering wheel? Again? Is that underpass going to be in every episode? One of the fugitives -- a big guy named Fuzz -- asks if they are lost. Another one tells Fuzz just to worry about his tapes. He studies a map while Fuzz listens to and repeats after some Spanish language tapes. My Spanish isn't that great, but I think Fuzz is learning how to ask for a beer. Fuzz asks Six (an angry-looking fugitive) how you say, "Where's Jamaal's sister's house?" in Spanish. Jamaal is the one with the map. Six says he doesn't know Spanish. Fuzz tells him he should learn, because it might come in handy in Mexico. Jamaal reminds Fuzz that they are going to Costa Rica, and adds that Six would be just as dumb in Spanish as he is in English. Six says he was smart enough to get them the tapes. Jamaal says that Six was smart enough to rob the bookstore when they were six bucks short, and now their parole is blown. Fuzz says they were just trying to help. Jamaal reminds him that Six got them in prison in the first place, because they had a plan and he screwed it up. I would have to guess that they were in prison because they were committing a crime, and Six just caused them to get caught. But they probably still deserved prison time. Six checks to see if his gun is loaded. Jamaal tells him to put his gun away. Six doesn't want Jamaal talking like that. Fuzz defuses the tension by asking if they are going on a boat. Jamaal says they are. Fuzz is very "I want to pet the rabbits, George!" Six wants to go to Chicago instead. Jamaal says that "he" will find them in Chicago. Six says he's not afraid of "him." Jamaal says that Trey wasn't either, and look what happened to him. Six says he's out of there as soon as they get to the next bus stop. Jamaal says that Six can do what he wants once Jamaal and Fuzz are free, but for now, they all have to stay together. Jamaal gets into the driver's seat and Six hops in back. Jamaal starts the car, and the language tape plays as they drive away.

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Karen Sisco




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