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Karen and Konner sit on a plane. Karen is writing things on a legal pad. Konner notes that she doesn't talk much. Karen asks if there's something he wants to talk about. Konner apologizes for stealing her collar, and Karen says it's a little late. Konner claims he thought Karen was going to lose the criminal, but that he was wrong, and he apologizes. Karen accepts. Konner has to add, "You still might have lost him. Just an observation." Karen asks if Konner's ever worked with a partner. He asks why, and she says that he's "not much of a people person," but that it's "just an observation." Prickly! Konner tells Karen that she's tough, and Karen says that she is when she needs to be. Konner asks if she's fair, and Karen says she thinks she is. Konner tells her, "Yeah, well, you'll get over that." Karen gives him a look of disbelief.

Karen and Konner arrive at the prison in Biloxi. Karen's phone rings, and it's her dad, who tells her that she's late. Karen explains that she's in Biloxi. Marshall tells her that it's a good thing he called, because she's all out of shrimp, the implication being that she could pick some up in Biloxi. Karen explains that she's at the prison, and that she's working with a new guy from D.C. named Konner. She adds that Konner stole her collar yesterday. Marshall asks if Konner is any good. Karen says he is, but that she can't get a take on him. Marshall asks if she knows something about him, and Karen says that it's just a feeling. Marshall advises her to go with it, and says she might learn something. Karen asks what. Marshall quotes, "Experience yields information. You can't learn less. You must learn more," and tells her that it's Buckminster Fuller. Karen prepares to hang up. Marshall says that they'll miss her tonight at their poker game. Karen says that they'll really just miss her money. She reminds her father, "Don't draw to the inside straight and leave the toilet seat down, all right?" Marshall laughs and hangs up, telling Frank that she's talking about him. One of the other poker players asks Marshall if he was talking about Konner from D.C. Marshall asks if he knows Konner. The guy says he's heard of him.

Konner asks Karen if she read the file. Karen says that their fugitives got busted three years ago robbing a liquor store in Crystal City, which Karen knows is in D.C. Karen says that Jamaal's brother Trey was killed. Konner adds that it was three years ago in Baltimore, and that it remains unsolved, but he claims it was gang-related. Karen adds that Jamaal has a sister named Pauline, and Konner says that she lives in South D.C. Karen wonders why the fugitives are in Florida. Konner doesn't have a snappy comeback for that one.

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Karen Sisco




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