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A car pulls up to a house. A woman gets out of the car and opens her trunk, pulling out some grocery bags. As she closes the trunk, Jamaal walks up and says, "Hey, sis." The woman hands him the grocery bags, and then slaps him across the face, explaining that it's for stealing money out of her purse the last time he was home. She says hello to Fuzz, who calls her Naomi. Six asks why she won't say hello to him, and Naomi says that she's not talking to him. Naomi explains that their parole officer called Pauline and said that they robbed a bookstore. Naomi says she knows that can't be true, because none of them is smart enough to read. Fuzz pipes up and says that they got book on tape. Jamaal quickly says that they need a place to stay for one night. Naomi reminds him that she has Calvin to think of. Jamaal says "please." Naomi relents, but tells them to be quiet on the way in, because Calvin (who is her son) is sleeping. The fugitives follow her into the house.

Naomi walks in and asks the babysitter if Calvin is okay. Once she determines that he is, Naomi introduces the sitter to the fugitives, explaining that Jamaal is her brother and Six is her baby daddy. She refers to Six as "that little skinny punk with no sense of obligation."

Karen and Konner talk to the prisoner who roomed with one of the fugitives. Karen explains that the fugitives robbed a bookstore, and one of them knocked over a security guard and stole his gun. What kind of crazy bookstore has armed security guards? The prisoner says it sounds like something Six Pack would do, and that it's been quiet since he left. Konner asks if the prisoner didn't like playing house with Six. The prisoner asks Karen if he has to "take that from [Konner]." Karen advises him to pretend that Konner asked him nicely. The prisoner says that he didn't like being Six Pack's cellie. He says that they called him Six Pack because "he's about six times as bad as 2Pac." Konner says that math wasn't his strong suit. Heh. The prisoner totally doesn't get it. Karen asks about the other two. The prisoner says that Jamaal and Fuzz watched out for Six, and that they all hung around together. Karen asks if he heard them making plans. The prisoner says that Jamaal was a cook and wanted to start up his own restaurant making "creosole food." Karen corrects him, "Creole," and the prisoner says it's the same thing. Konner stands up and leans against the wall behind the prisoner, who says that Six wasn't in any hurry to get out, because he felt safer in prison than outside. Karen asks about Six's friends, and the prisoner says they're all dead. Karen asks about family, and the prisoner says that Six and Jamaal had a fight over Jamaal's sister once. Karen thinks he means Pauline, but the prisoner says he's talking about Jamaal's half-sister, Naomi. Karen asks where the half-sister lives. The prisoner grins and says, "You give me a conjugal, I might tell you." Konner swiftly reaches out and smashes the prisoner's face into the table. Whoa! The prisoner says that Naomi lives in Florida. Konner smacks the prisoner again for good measure, and Karen gives Konner a warning look.

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Karen Sisco




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