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Karen and Konner arrive at a motel. Karen says that she found a Naomi Watson living in Tampa. ["I loved her in The Ring!" -- Wing Chun] Konner holds out two room keys and asks if she wants the room with the fleas, or the room with the lice. Karen chooses one and he says, "Fleas. Good choice." Karen is surprised that Konner has a sense of humor, and tells him that now he needs to work on his people skills. Konner asks if she's referring to the prisoner. Karen says that Konner almost cracked the prisoner's skull. Konner says that it got results. Karen isn't so sure, and says that in her experience, if someone feels safer on the inside, it's because he's scared of someone on the outside. Karen concludes that they are not the only ones after the fugitives. Konner says it doesn't matter, because they'll find the fugitives first. Konner stops before they enter their rooms, and compliments Karen on her work today. Karen thanks him. Konner says she reminds him of himself once. Karen asks what he means by that, honestly curious. Konner tells her to forget it, and they go into their respective rooms.

Naomi can't believe that Jamaal is asking her for $3000, since that's about all of the money she has saved up. She asks him why he wants to go to Costa Rica. Jamaal explains that he wants to open up a restaurant on the beach and sell jambalaya. Naomi disparages his plan, but Jamaal insists that they'll be all right. Naomi wonders how he's planning on getting to Costa Rica. Jamaal claims that he knows a guy in Miami who can get them out, and that they will leave the next morning on a freighter. Naomi thinks he's dreaming, and suggests that they turn themselves in. Jamaal says that he'd rather be "in the ground than back in prison." I feel the same way. I've seen Oz. Naomi thinks that's exactly where Jamaal will end up. Jamaal asks what her problem is. Naomi says her problem is that he brought trouble into her house when her son was there, and then asked for her life savings. Naomi concludes that Jamaal is her problem. They stare at each other for a while, and then Jamaal says he'll leave and solve her problem. Calvin, who's probably about seven years old, comes out. Naomi asks why he's up, and he says he heard a noise. Naomi asks if he remembers his Uncle Jamaal. Calvin asks Jamaal if he's been in jail. Jamaal says that he has. Calvin asks if he's staying, and Jamaal says that he's just passing through. Jamaal is amazed at how big Calvin is. Yes, that's what children do. They grow. If they don't, that's when you should be worried. At least that's what I hear.

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Karen Sisco




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