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Karen watches television in her motel room and reads files. Her phone rings. It's her father, of course. He asks how things are going with Konner. Karen says that the jury is still out. Marshall says that if she's curious, it turns out that he knows a guy who knows a guy who used to work with Konner and his partner. Karen is surprised to hear that Konner used to have a partner. Marshall offers to set up a conversation between Karen and his friend, and Karen promises to let him know if she wants that. She asks how he did tonight. Marshall says that in the last hand, with a big pot, he drew to an inside straight and cleaned everyone out. Karen asks if that's true, and Marshall says that it should've been and hangs up. Karen laughs as she thoughtfully closes her cell phone.

On the other side of the motel-room wall, Konner reclines on his bed, shirtless, having a drink. Man, who knew Gary Cole had such a good bod? He's kind of hot. Ew, I just thought Bill Lumbergh was hot. ["He totally is, though. He's the new stealth hot guy. He's the new William Fichtner!" -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Konner stands up and walks over to the mirror, where he has stuck each fugitive's mug shot. He stares at them, thoughtfully and possibly a little maliciously.

Karen walks into a diner (part of the motel?) the next morning and finds Konner buying coffee. He hands her a coffee and asks how she slept, and she says that the fleas kept her awake. She asks how he slept, and he responds, "On my back." Heh. Karen thanks him for the coffee, and he says that's what a partner does. I definitely need a recapping partner to bring me coffee and suchlike. ["Couldn't you train your dog to do that stuff?" -- Wing Chun] Karen takes the opportunity to bring up Konner's last partner, Eddie O'Hara. Karen asks if things just didn't work out between them. Konner says it was something like that. Karen asks what happened, and Konner says he asked too many questions.

Over at Naomi's house, Jamaal is cooking up some jambalaya. Isn't it a little early for jambalaya? Naomi enters the house and hands Jamaal an envelope full of money. He promises to make it up to her and thanks her. She says he's welcome, and notices that he's making jambalaya. She shows him a picture Calvin drew this morning of three men standing on a beach, waiting for a boat. Fuzz laughs, "Hey, that's us!" Calvin. Not so bright.

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Karen Sisco




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