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Later, Konner interrogates Naomi, who must have told him that the guys were there and then left. Konner threatens to call Naomi's employer if she won't give up any more information. Naomi says she has nothing to hide. Karen suggests that Konner check the car outside. Once he's gone, Karen plays good cop and asks Naomi if Jamaal is her only brother. Naomi says she started out with three, and that Jamaal is the youngest. Karen figures that Naomi wants to help him out, but doesn't know how or what is the right thing to do. Karen picks up the picture that Calvin drew, which you totally knew was going to be the thing that led the cops to the fugitives, so I don't know why Naomi didn't burn it or something. She asks Calvin about it, specifically about the boat. Karen and Calvin both look to Naomi for guidance, and she asks Karen to promise her that the men won't get hurt.

Karen and Konner exit the house. Karen shares she learned that the men are going to Costa Rica, and they leave from Miami. She's also got the make of their car. Karen tells Konner that it's amazing what you can learn when you're not "breaking people's heads"; she suggests that he try it sometime. Konner says that the men could be anywhere, but Karen says that they could also be nearby. They get into their car and drive away.

The three men are in a convenience store, stocking up. Fuzz grabs armfuls of junk food while Jamaal lectures Six about being more careful, and scolds him for bringing weapons around Naomi's house. Six claims that it's his son, and he was only trying to help. The guy playing Six is a really bad actor. It doesn't help that the guy playing Jamaal is really good, so Six suffers in comparison. Jamaal says that Six needs to think once in a while. Meanwhile, Karen and Konner drive by and Karen spots the fugitives' car in the parking lot.

Six and Jamaal continue to argue in the convenience store. Jamaal suggests that once they get out, Six should go off on his own. Six agrees, and says that Jamaal and Fuzz can go to Costa Rica, but he's going home. Jamaal asks how he plans to do that, and Six says he'll figure it out. Six spots Karen and Konner in the parking lot, and he warns the others, "Somebody's out there! I think it's him!" An alarm sounds, and the fugitives run for the back of the store. Konner tells Karen that he'll take the back door, and starts running when he spots the fugitives. Karen, meanwhile, is carefully checking the store's interior. She hears a gunshot and takes off running. When she gets outside, she finds Konner standing over Six's body. Six has taken a bullet, right in the center of his forehead. A gun lies on the ground near his hand. Karen looks at Konner, who calmly says, "Got 'im." Karen is stunned -- at Konner's audacity, I guess. Jamaal and Fuzz are still running through the streets.

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Karen Sisco




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