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Amos asks Konner what happened. Konner says it couldn't be helped. Amos says that Karen and Konner "left quite a mess up there for a couple of seasoned pros," and now they have a "corpse in need of an explanation." Konner says he showed his badge, told Six to freeze, and Six pulled out a gun. Amos asks why, and Konner says he has no idea. Amos says that Konner had his weapon out, but that Six fired anyway. Konner says that Six's shot missed, and that he went for critical mass. Wouldn't that be shooting for his chest or something? Not right in the center of his forehead? That seems more like execution-style. Amos asks if Karen can confirm this. Karen says she can confirm that there were two shots, but that she didn't see the rest. Amos says that since there are no witnesses, the department will want to investigate. Konner stands up and starts walking out while claiming that's fine with him. Amos adds that, in the meantime, Konner is off the warrant. Konner asks why, because he feels it was a justified shooting. Amos says it isn't until Amos says it is. Konner says, "You're not serious." Amos gives his most serious face, which is pretty goddamn serious. Konner says he understands that it's regulations, and asks about Karen. Amos says she wasn't involved in the shooting, so it's her choice, and then asks Konner to excuse them. Konner leaves. Amos asks Karen if there's something he should know. Karen shakes her head and unconvincingly says there isn't.

On the beach, Jamaal talks to his boat connection on a pay phone while Fuzz plays in the sand. Jamaal promises that they have the money and writes down an address where they will meet. He hangs up and tells Fuzz that they just have to lie low for a little while longer. They walk off.

Karen walks through the parking garage. Konner is waiting for her, and asks if she's ready to go. He explains that he knows a guy at the docks who specializes in relocations. Karen asks if she missed something, since he's supposed to be off the case. Konner says that they can't let "a little red tape" slow them down. Karen wants to stick by Amos's ruling. Konner says that Karen can file the reports, and Konner will "stay low on the radar." Yeah, until he kills another fugitive. Karen asks if Konner's killed fugitives before. Konner says he did what he had to do. Karen asks if that's what happened with his former partner, and if that's what happened this morning: Konner does what he needs to do to get it done. Konner says he doesn't follow. Karen says that the shots she heard were at least two or three seconds apart, and that if Six shot first, she wonders why Konner waited so long to return fire. Konner says, "Don't push it, Sisco." Karen replies, "Don't make me." Konner says he doesn't need this, so he's going to split for a while. He claims he'll go down to the Keys and do some fishing. Is anyone buying this? Is Karen? Karen says she thinks that might be best. Konner asks to be kept posted, and Karen says she will. They part ways.

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Karen Sisco




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