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Nobody's Perfect

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Nobody's Perfect

Karen and Novak are still having drinks nearby. Karen sees Mrs. Mulraney rush out. Marshall walks up and says hello. Karen introduces Novak to her father and comments that Mrs. Mulraney seemed to be in a hurry. Marshall says she didn't like the clams; he tells them to have a great dinner, and then walks out. Novak turns to Karen and asks if she's seeing anyone at the moment. Karen catches her snap and says that she is. Novak says, "A guy?" Karen says it is. They both laugh to relieve the tension, and take a drink. To Karen's credit, she still hangs out with Novak and doesn't cut the date short or anything.

Outside, Marshall passes a bum holding a sign that says he needs money for serious dental work. Marshall starts to walk off, but then turns back and gives Mrs. Not Mulraney's money to the bum, advising him to make sure he flosses. The bum looks in the envelope and doesn't really react, which was a little disappointing.

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Karen Sisco




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