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Nobody's Perfect

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Nobody's Perfect

Karen wakes up to the sound of her phone ringing. She answers it, and it's Marshall, who does that annoying "I didn't wake you, did I?" thing that I really hate. Like, yes you did, and don't try to make me feel guilty for sleeping! Plus, it's 7:30 AM, so it's understandable that Karen was still asleep. Karen explains that she was on a homicide crime scene until 3 in the morning. Marshall asks if the stiff was Louis, and Karen says that it was Carey. Marshall asks who did it, and Karen says that's not her problem. She asks Marshall if he's ever stolen evidence. Marshall says he did it all the time. Karen asks what kind of trouble she could get into, and Marshall says, "Three to five." He drops the phone in order to take some photos, and then picks it up to tell Karen what he was doing. Karen thought the Mulraney case was over, but Marshall says he had a hunch. Marshall explains that Jethro always overplays his hands, which led to his hunch, and then he takes some more pictures. I feel like Marshall's subplot got cut to fit in the whole Pink/Brown opera thing, and I do not like it.

Karen goes into Amos's office and tells him that she wants to run a fake funeral announcement for Carey, to try to get Louis to show up. Amos thinks it's a waste of time and money, because Carey's body won't be released for thirty days, since it was unclaimed. Aw, poor Carey. Karen explains that they will stake out the fake funeral and see what happens. Amos thinks they'll look stupid if no one shows up. Karen thinks it's worth a shot. Amos drags his feet some more, arguing that he doesn't want to call in a favor just to get a fake pastor. Karen tells Amos he doesn't want to die with too many people owing him favors. Amos says he isn't planning on dying soon. Karen says he could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Amos shoots her an awesome look and just says, "Thanks."

Karen deals cards to her dad's poker buddies. I don't know what kind of crazy poker they're playing, but I was totally lost throughout this scene. Then again, I've never played poker. I only know what I've seen on television. Television! It teaches you everything! Except how to actually play poker! Marshall asks Karen about the fake funeral. Karen says it's tomorrow, and Amos wasn't very happy about it. Marshall asks if she thinks Louis killed Carey, and Karen says that she doesn't. All I know about the poker game is that Karen successfully bluffs Jethro. Marshall says that he's going to dinner with Mrs. Mulraney at Delmonico's. Karen wants to know why, and Marshall replies, "They've got good clams." Heh. The game gets to a point where Jethro has to call or fold (or something) and Karen makes an adorable "Bring it!" gesture to Jethro, who folds. Karen wins!

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