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Nobody's Perfect

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Nobody's Perfect

Fake funeral. A pastor sits in front of a bunch of empty folding chairs while Karen watches from the distance, sitting in her car. Again, poor Carey. Karen's phone rings, and it's the forensic report from Louis's pill, which she pocketed at Carey's apartment. It's estrogen. The lab guy asks Karen out, and she turns him down and hangs up.

There's a time cut, and it's 10:48 PM. Amos calls and asks Karen how long she's going to stay out there. Karen says it's a nice night for a stakeout. Amos accuses her of trying to get overtime. Karen makes some jokes. Amos makes her promise that she'll call for backup if Louis shows up.

Another time cut and it's 2:37 AM. Karen heaves a big sigh. I've been watching too much Buffy, because I keep expecting a vampire to pop out.

Yet another time cut, and it's 4:54 AM. Karen puts on her coat, and sees headlights approaching. She calls for backup. A car parks down the street. Karen gets out of her car, gun drawn. A woman approaches Carey's grave with a bunch of flowers. Karen says, "Hello, Louis." It's the wife of the hedge-trimmer guy. She asks how Karen knew, and Karen tells her put her hands in the air. Louis says, "It's Lois." Karen tells her to get on her knees with her hands behind her head. Lois complies. Karen grabs her cuffs, and a shot is fired. It's Pink and Brown, in a car. Karen ducks for cover as Lois takes off. Karen returns fire, and shoots out Pink and Brown's tires. Just then, Karen's backup arrives. Karen realizes that Lois is gone, and shakes her head.

The cemetery is now a crime scene, with tons of cops walking around it. Way to ruin the evidence there, dudes. Sgt. Novak walks up to Karen and asks if she's okay, and what happened to Louis. Karen says that Louis turned into a woman, and that he was taking estrogen. Novak folds her arms and asks how Karen figured that out. Karen, busted, says that it was just a hunch, and that "Louis is now Lois." Novak asks where Karen is going to look now. Karen asks if she can take a look at the flowers Lois brought to the gravesite, but Novak says they are evidence and will need to be impounded. Novak says she'll let Karen know if they turn anything up on Lois. Karen thanks her. Novak nods, and then says that the flowers aren't really evidence until they are bagged. She smiles and walks away. Karen smiles and copies down the name of the florist.

Back in Karen's office, the clock reads 8:00 AM. Karen snatches up her phone and calls the florist, begging for someone to be in. She talks to the manager about a delivery address on a bouquet of white chrysanthemums. Lois had the flowers delivered and then took them to the cemetery? Well, I guess not many florists are open at 5:00 AM, so it's not like she could pick them up on the way there.

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