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Nobody's Perfect

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Nobody's Perfect

Karen walks into the office. Edwards asks how she's doing with DiNardo. Karen calmly says, "Done." Phil checks his watch and announces that Karen got it done in seventy-two hours, as promised. Amos asks Karen if she had any trouble. Karen says no. Amos tells her that she looks exhausted, and that she should go home and get some sleep. Karen says she will when she finishes the paperwork. She starts typing up a report, and pauses when she gets to the box where she has to fill in DiNardo's sex. Finally, she types "Female."

Marshall has a drink at the bar at Delmonico's. Mrs. Mulraney shows up and apologizes for being late. Marshall orders her a drink. Nearby, Karen has a drink with Novak, who I just realized looks a lot like Felicity Huffman. They could be sisters. Novak announces that they got ballistics evidence linking the cemetery incident to Carey's killing. Karen asks about Mr. G, and Novak says that Pink and Brown are dying to flip on him. Karen asks if they'll charge Mr. G with conspiracy, and Novak says that she thinks they can get him for murder one, because he ordered Carey's hit. Novak pauses and says that they need to stop talking shop; Karen agrees.

Marshall and Mrs. Mulraney sit at a table. Delbert McClinton's "If You Can't Lie No Better" plays (although I'm not sure whose version it is, but McClinton wrote the song). Mrs. Mulraney asks if Marshall has the materials for her. Marshall says that he does, and suggests that they get his fee out of the way first, so that they can set business aside and have a nice meal. Mrs. Mulraney hands Marshall an envelope. He checks inside and then hands over an envelope of his own. Mrs. Mulraney slides out some photos and starts checking them out. The first few are of the old guy kissing the blonde. But then Mrs. Mulraney sees one of herself, talking to the blonde from the earlier photos. Marshall says, "Ordinarily, I wouldn't shy away from a woman who was setting up her cheating husband, but you're not even his wife. I met this guy, and his wife. Now, I don't know where this scam of yours was going, but as of now I've got five thousand of your dollars and another set of those to give to the D.A. in case he happens to meet me." Mrs. Mulraney grabs her things and calls Marshall a bastard. She runs out. Marshall says he's been called worse, and offers to get the check. So she was trying to blackmail Mrs. Mulraney? Again, I feel like this subplot got cut a lot, because it took me, like, three viewings to figure out what the hell happened, and while this show is usually subtle, it's not generally obtuse.

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