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Some guy (Jim True-Frost, who was in Singles as the guy who got a lot of phone numbers, and was also more recently in The Wire) is in a shack, counterfeiting money and listening to "For the Love of Money" (not the O-Jays version) on some headphones. He's wearing a giant apron and some huge rubber gloves over his regular clothes. Meanwhile, Karen is standing in one of those swamp boats, accompanied by other cops, racing across the swamp. Karen, as usual, looks cool as a cucumber, wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses and chewing gum, but not in that "cow chewing cud" way that is so tacky. The swamp boats pull up to a shack. Inside the shack, Jim True-Frost continues printing money. The cops break down the door and enter the shack, guns drawn. Jim True-Frost doesn't even hear them, due to the headphone situation. He starts dancing around. Karen scoffs at how dumb he is. Finally, he notices the dozen or so cops standing there with their guns pointing at him. He asks how they got in. Karen says that there was a key under the flowerpot. Jim True-Frost raises his goggles and goes, "Karen Sisco. It's Lester. Lester Porter. We went to high school together!" Karen shows no signs of recognition.

Karen slaps the cuffs on Lester Porter while he tries to remind her how they know each other. He says that she hasn't changed at all. She backstories that he's currently on parole after doing time for insurance fraud. Lester says that he met a guy on his first day out of prison who asked him if he wanted to make some money, har har. I'm always amazed at how criminals on television don't understand the Miranda warning and just talk about everyone. Although I guess since more than a dozen witnesses caught Lester in the act, it's a moot point. Karen tells him that he's got five million dollars in his shack, which seems like a lot of money for one guy. Lester says his mother needs an operation, and Karen tells him that she knows his mother died in 1992. Lester says he's still looking for a second opinion, and starts back in with the high school stuff. Another cop comes over and comments on how good the counterfeit money is. Lester asks who that guy is; Karen says he's Garrison Kick, from the Treasury department, and that he's "running the show." Kick compliments Lester's operation, and Karen asks Lester whom he is working for. Lester gestures to Kick and says, "His mother." Kick pushes Lester into the swamp. Karen tells him to get Lester out of there. Kick asks Karen to go out to dinner. Karen refuses, but Kick insists that it's strictly business, and shows her his wedding ring, claiming that he's happily married. Karen agrees to meet him for dinner and leaves, calling back, "Nice meeting you, Lester." Some cops haul Lester out of the swamp as he reminds Karen that she should have added "again" to her parting remarks.

A guy gets released from prison and receives his personal effects. The guard on duty hands over some clothes and such, commenting on each item, and then hands over a photograph of a little girl that looks like it's been taped back together a few times. The guy studies it for a moment and then walks out without a word.

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Karen Sisco




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