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Cut to Karen in Amos's office going, "I'm not happy." Amos says, "Didn't you read the sign?" He points to a sign behind him that says, "I don't care." He has underlined each word and added three exclamation points at the end. Hee! I love Amos. Also, I'm making one of those signs tomorrow. Not that anyone ever comes into my office, but if I could use that line once in my life, it would be totally worth it. Amos says that his hands are tied, and that Lester asked for her personally, because he trusts her, since they are old friends. Karen asks if he's kidding and Amos goes, "Does it look like I'm kidding?" I know they used a similar joke last week, but Bill Duke's facial expressions are awesome. It turns out that Karen is unhappy about having to serve as Lester's bodyguard until he spills the information he's promised and can be placed in witness protection. As Karen leaves, Amos compliments her work on bringing Lester in.

The ex-con tries to rent a motel room. The desk clerk says that he'll need a credit card. The ex-con pulls out two big stacks of bills and plops them onto the desk. The clerk notes that the problem is solved.

Karen and Jesse escort Lester into a hotel. Lester babbles that he worked at that hotel when he was in high school. He starts trying to head down memory lane with Karen once again, but she doesn't remember anything he's talking about. Karen reminds him that he's a felon and she's there to protect him, and that's the extent of their relationship. She starts to leave, and Lester says he thought she would be guarding him. Karen says that her shift doesn't start until morning. Lester begs her to stay. Karen tells Jesse to call her if there's an emergency. Across the street, we see the ex-con taking photos of the whole exchange with a telephoto lens.

Karen goes out to dinner with Kick, who is telling the old "photocopier as lie detector" story. God, even I know that one. Mostly because it was in both the Homicide book and television show. Karen interrupts the story to fill in the ending, indicating that she's heard it. Kick looks appropriately embarrassed. Karen asks if that story ever actually works on women, and says that they're supposed to be wrapping up the case. She asks how he knows that Lester isn't taking him for a ride to get a stay at a nice hotel. Kick asks about Karen's connection with Lester. Karen demurs. Kick says that he can see how a guy would remember Karen for a very long time. He tries to take her hand. Karen thanks him for dinner and walks away. She finds her father sitting at a nearby booth and joins him. He seems surprised to see her, so I don't know if he was keeping an eye on her now. He claims he's watching "a lecherous spouse." Karen says that sounds familiar, since she was just dealing with one herself. Karen notes Mordecai sitting in the booth behind Marshall, reading a newspaper. Marshall asks about Karen's high-school friend. Karen says there's a lot she doesn’t remember. Marshall says that they had their hands full during that time period. Kick walks up and introduces himself to Marshall. He wants to talk to Karen, but she gets up and leaves. Marshall pauses and then asks, "How 'bout them Cubs?" Kick gives him a smirk.

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