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The ex-con (Junior) goes to visit a gun dealer (Bobby Gorgeous), who asks how the Paradise Motel is treating him. Bobby says that Konner (that Konner?) phoned and said that Junior was looking for an M-14, and Bobby thought it couldn't be right, but Konner said that Junior used one in Vietnam. Bobby thought that couldn't be right, because they used M-16s in Vietnam. (Note: I may have totally screwed up all this talk of weaponry because I know nothing about guns, so I'm just trying to transcribe the dialogue. Please don't email me if I'm wrong because seriously, it's such a minor point in this episode that it's not worth it.) Bobby says that he discovered Junior was over there in 1963. Junior doesn't say a word. He checks the gun, puts it back in its case, and walks out.

Karen's phone rings in the middle of the night. It's Lester. He wants to wax nostalgic about the time that Karen hit some football player in the middle of the cafeteria. It's like Old Joey Potter! Lester keeps babbling about how Karen lives in her own little world in high school, and asks what was going on with her back then. Karen hangs up the phone, disgusted.

It's all very Identity at the Paradise Motel, as rain pours down in the parking lot. Inside a room, Junior tapes up the photographs he took earlier of Lester and Karen outside the hotel. He lays his gun down on top of them. A guitar screams.

The next day, Lester gives his testimony in his hotel room, accompanied by some cops, his lawyer, and a court reporter. Lester claims that his backer was a guy named Salvatore Gigliani, known as Sally Giggles. He claims the guy is an immigrant who owns a shoe store in Miami, which is just a front for his real business. Karen walks in and yells at Jesse for letting Lester call her. Lester enjoys his room-service meal while giving his testimony. Jesse fills Karen in on what Lester has said so far, and Karen is surprised, because she's never heard of this Sally Giggles character. Jesse identifies Lester's attorney as Mo Swinton. Kick walks over and greets Karen, who implies that Lester is feeding them a line of bullshit. Kick leaves, and Karen asks Jesse why Lester doesn't seem scared, since he claims that he's ratting out some "dangerous guys." Lester does seem pretty proud of his story.

Junior sits in a diner, staring at the photograph of a little girl. The waitress walks up and asks if that's his daughter. Junior doesn't answer, and places an order for coffee and a slice of pie. The waitress brings back the pie, and goes on and on about it. Junior just stares at her, so she walks away. Junior softens and says that the girl in the pictures is his daughter, Bonnie. He apologizes for his behavior and offers to buy the waitress a cup of coffee. She sits down in the booth. Junior glances at the clock on the wall, which says that it's 1:03 PM.

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Karen Sisco




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