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Lester's room has cleared out. Karen tells Lester that she checked up on Sally Giggles, and that he's got a clean record. Lester says that's because he's good, like Hyman Roth in Godfather II. Karen says that she thinks Lester is making the whole thing up, and she wonders why. Lester ignores the question and asks how Karen would call someone a good person in one word. Karen says it depends on who you are talking about. Lester says he's talking about himself, and Karen suggests, "Ignoble." Lester writes it down and explains that he's writing his own obituary, since the Feds are going to fake his death. He reads what he has so far, which includes that he failed out of high school and turned to a life of crime. He concludes, "His great loves were the Ramones, muscle cars, and GLOW." Karen knows that stands for "glamorous ladies of wrestling." I always thought the first word was "gorgeous." Karen tells Lester that they don't let you write your own obituary. Lester wants to play catch-up with Karen. He says that he's engaged to a woman named Harmony, and that before he met her, no beautiful girl ever noticed him. And one day, she fell into his lap. Lester can't believe that Karen's never been married, although he says that she never knew how beautiful she was. Karen is silent. Lester remembers that Bobby Capperelli was the name of the guy that Karen punched, and adds that Bobby had a black eye for his yearbook photo. Karen interrupts and says that he must be confusing her with someone else. Lester says he could never do that, because they had lockers next to each other. Lester asks if he's really that forgettable. Karen doesn't answer, and tells him to get back to his obituary.

Marshall watches the subject of his investigation through binoculars. Karen sits next to him as they discuss the Godfather movies. Marshall hasn't heard of Sally Giggles either, and asks if the FBI has the guy under surveillance. Karen confirms it. Marshall says that Karen's job is to protect Lester, so she should stick to that and let the FBI worry about the rest. He offers Karen some Chinese food, which she turns down. He asks about her "high-school reunion" with Lester. Karen can't believe that Lester remembers everything like it was yesterday, and asks her father if she was actually there. Marshall says she was, as far as he knows, unless she was playing hooky. He says that he has a box in his closet containing her high-school yearbook. Karen asks why he has it. Marshall says she gave it to him after she graduated, and said she'd look at it some other time. He adds that if she waits for the FBI to figure out Lester's story, it's going to be a long time. Karen says she can always use some new shoes, and takes off. Marshall does a Brando impersonation and Karen laughs at him, then gives him a hug before taking off. Marshall takes photos of his client's cheating wife.

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Karen Sisco




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