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Back in the hospital room, Lester complains that he has to go to the bathroom. Jesse says he'll get a bedpan, but Lester doesn't want to go in front of Harmony. If you're getting married, get over it. Jesse buys it, and offers to escort Lester to the bathroom. Karen watches the whole thing, and asks Amos why Junior is going after Lester. Amos says that Lester was only fifteen when Junior went to prison, and adds that if Junior could print money, he wouldn't have to rob banks. Karen tells them to call her when they figure it out, and hangs up. She finds Jesse, the idiot, standing outside the bathroom door. He admits that Lester has been in there for a few minutes. Karen tells him to try the door. Jesse does, and it's locked. He kicks in the door, only to find the room empty and a ceiling panel gone. Cut to Jesse telling Karen that Harmony is also gone. Swinton pops up and says that he bears responsibility for his client's actions. Karen ignores him and tells Jesse to put the hospital on lockdown.

Karen is driving on the highway when her phone rings. It's Marshall. She asks how his case is going. Marshall says, as usual, that he gave his client the photos that proved his wife was cheating, and that his client tore them up and called Marshall a liar. Marshall heard that Lester got shot. Karen says that he then disappeared. Marshall thinks he would do the same if someone were trying to kill him. Karen says that the shooter was Junior McCloud. Karen gets another call and takes it. Marshall hangs up the phone and tells Mordecai that they need to take a drive.

Marshall walks into a prison and sits down to talk to a prisoner. The prisoner doesn’t know Marshall, who says only that he's "an acquaintance of Junior McCloud's." The prisoner was Junior's cellmate, and wants to know what's in it for him. Marshall says he plays poker with the warden and can probably do something if the prisoner is cooperative. Marshall asks about McCloud. The prisoner says he's out, but that "he waited fifteen years for this." Marshall wants to know what "this" is. The prisoner says that Junior talked in his sleep, and that he wanted to kill someone. Marshall asks why Junior wanted to kill Lester Porter. The prisoner is like, "Lester who?"

Lester talks to his backer on the phone and promises that he didn't give him up to the FBI. Lester demands to know who shot him if it wasn't his backer, or someone hired by him. Harmony shows up and says she's scared. Lester promises that he'll take care of everything, and that they'll be in Mexico by tomorrow night. Harmony asks what they're going to do for money. Lester says he has some stashed away. Harmony suggests that she go get it. Lester says he'll take care of it. Harmony says they'll be looking for him, not her, and Lester agrees. He reveals that the money is in Harmony's bedroom closet under the shoe racks. She kisses Lester and runs off. We see that Junior McCloud is watching them from a nearby picnic table, looking all creepy.

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Karen Sisco




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