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Karen is in her office.

Meanwhile, Marshall and Mordecai pay a visit to Bobby Gorgeous, the gun dealer. Bobby knows Marshall, who says that he's looking for Junior McCloud.

Back at the office, Karen looks at Junior McCloud's file. She discovers that her father was the officer who originally arrested him. She calls Marshall and says that they need to talk, right now. Marshall tells her to meet him at the Paradise Motel.

Karen pulls up to the motel. She asks Marshall if Junior is there. Marshall says that the desk clerk says Junior left an hour earlier. Karen asks if Marshall's going to tell her what's up. Marshall says he busted Junior fifteen years ago for robbing banks, but that he didn't know at the time that Junior had a sick daughter. While Junior was in jail, his daughter died, so Junior blames Marshall for his daughter's death. The clerk opens Junior's motel-room door. Karen looks inside and sees tons of photographs of herself with targets on them as Marshall unnecessarily adds, "He's trying to kill you." I thought this show was better than that last line.

Marshall tells Karen that he wants her to go into hiding until they find Junior. Karen refuses. She sees Amos in the parking lot and asks if there's any sign of Lester yet. Amos says there isn't, and that they're going to watch the motel in case Junior comes back. Marshall says he won't be back, and that he left the photos as a message for Marshall. He wants Karen hidden away, and Amos agrees. Karen reminds them that she's a Marshal, and that this is what she does, so they can either help her or stay out of her way. Marshall threatens to handcuff Karen to a radiator, and Karen retorts that she'll chew her own hand off. Father and daughter face off. Amos asks if Karen has always been like this. Marshall says that she has since high school. Karen points out that Junior knows Karen is trying to find Lester, so if they find Lester, Junior will find her. Marshall thinks that makes Karen into a target, which he won't allow. Karen makes a face like, "Can you believe how overprotective he is?" Which is funny, because I don't know many parents that would be happy about their kids being the target of a killer.

Lester takes a cab to an abandoned warehouse. He tells the cabbie that he has an eccentric uncle who lives there, and walks inside. As Lester enters the building, Junior pulls up.

Harmony goes to her apartment and opens the closet. She moves the shoe racks and pulls out a suitcase. She throws it on her bed and opens it to find a ton of money. Swinton, the lawyer, walks in and says that he can't believe Lester hid it in the closet under the shoes. Harmony doesn't seem very surprised to see him as she comments that there must be $3 million there. Swinton says he hates to think she would keep it all, and Harmony asks if she would do a thing like that. And then they start making out! I knew Harmony was no good, but I didn't foresee that she was in league with Swinton. She pushes him down on the bed and they start going at it. Suddenly, Karen shows up with Kick and Amos. Karen comments that the guy isn't Lester. Kick says that Beau Swinton is "the real Sally Giggles." Didn't see that one coming either. Karen asks where Lester is.

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Karen Sisco




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