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Lester stands in the warehouse, antsy. Junior has Lester in his gun's sight. Karen and Marshall pull up outside and agree that they are clear on their plan. Lester hears someone entering the warehouse and asks who's there, and whether it's Harmony. Marshall runs in, hiding behind pillars and such, and says that Harmony's not coming. Lester recognizes Marshall, but says he doesn't get it. Marshall says he's not there for Lester, and calls out to Junior. Lester is confused. Marshall tells him that unless he wants to get shot twice in one day, he should get out of the light. Marshall does. Marshall calls out that Karen isn't there, but that Junior's got him. Junior yells back that he does, but that he's not there for Marshall. Marshall asks if he thinks it'll help to kill his daughter because Junior lost his. Junior wants Marshall to know how it feels. Marshall asks if it'll take Junior's pain away to bring her back. We see a shadow behind Junior. (Well, I only saw it on second viewing.) Junior has Marshall in his sights, and is about to pull the trigger when Karen clocks him from behind. Junior falls down some stairs. Karen picks up his gun and tells her father that it's over. Lester joins Marshall, who asks what he gets for lawn work these days. So he was their lawn boy.

Lester can't believe that Harmony ratted him out, and wasn't coming back. Karen says that Harmony wasn't right for him. Lester says he looked up "ignoble," and that it doesn't mean what Karen said, but that it's a good word. Karen tells Lester that she remembers him from English class. She says he had a muscle car and used to listen to the Ramones. Lester is psyched that she remembers, but clearly Karen is just repeating back the information he's already fed her, in an effort to make him feel better. She puts him in the back of the cop car and says that he gets one phone call per week from prison, and if he wants to call her, she'll be around. Lester says he might take her up on that. Then she thumps the top of the cop car to let them know it's okay to take off. That is such a cop move that I have always wanted to do. I want to be a cop just to do the top thump, and also that move where they protect the criminal's head while shoving him in the back seat. And then I would retire. Marshall tells Karen that was nice of her, and Karen admits that she still doesn't know who he is.

Karen, in her apartment, goes through some boxes of things and finds her high-school yearbook. Roseanne Cash sings "Will You Remember Me?" Karen drinks a bourbon while leafing through the yearbook. She finds her own picture and smiles. She finds Robert Capperelli, and he does in fact have a black eye, as Lester remembered. She searches for Lester's picture, but it says "Photo Not Available," maybe because he flunked out. She comes across a page called "Mother and Daughter Luncheon," which features a very poorly Photoshopped picture of Karen and Marshall attending. Karen laughs.

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Karen Sisco




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