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The One That Got Away

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The One That Got Away

Karen is in the passenger seat of a car. A man in the back seat says, "A woman like you, I could have loved." With that sentence structure, I wonder if he is related to Yoda. Karen replies, "And there's my luck," and then shuts the sliding window between the front and back seats, so the guy in back must be a prisoner or something.

Miami, Florida. Three days earlier. "Green Onions" by Booker T and the MGs plays. Man, they really love the twisted timelines on this show. Also, this episode was originally supposed to be the pilot, so I'm going to forgive them some of the (now unnecessary) obvious exposition. Karen is in an airport. She applies lip gloss while checking the Arrivals monitor. Her cell phone rings, so she reaches into her bag, knocking aside some hand sanitizer, her badge, and a gun in order to answer it. It's Marshall. He tells Karen about a story he's reading in the newspaper involving a guy who ordered a taxi, and then robbed the driver, but the cops caught him because he gave his real address when he called for the cab. Marshall tells Karen that she's chasing "some real plateheads." Marshall looks over at a guy sitting at a bar nearby, who must be his latest investigation target. Karen asks if her dad called to read her the paper.

Two men -- one fat and one skinny -- sit on an airplane. Fatty is talking about macaroni and cheese. I don't know. The flight attendant comes by and -- hey, it's Kelly from The Amazing Race! You know, the redhead from this year's second-place team. I had to rewind it twice to make sure it was her, and then her name was in the credits. Good for her. Anyway, Kelly asks Skinny if he has his seatbelt on, and he gruffly asks if she wants to "reach under and check for [her]self." That guy must have some serious mojo, because instead of slugging him, Kelly just looks flustered and flattered, and then walks off.

Marshall complains to Karen that he heard she's not returning Will's calls. Karen is surprised that Marshall talked to Will, and Marshall says he bumped into Will at the golf course, and wants to know what's wrong with Will. Karen says that nothing is wrong with him, and that she's just been busy. Marshall lists off Will's assets: he's not a cop, he's good-looking, and he's a good golfer. Karen suggests that Marshall ask him out.

Fatty Plane Guy talks on a phone and says he'll look out for her. He hangs up and tells Skinny that "if local legend has it right," it's Skinny's lucky day. Skinny asks George (formerly Fatty) why that is. George explains that Karen Sisco will be picking up Skinny.

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