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The One That Got Away

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The One That Got Away

Karen asks Marshall what he's doing. Marshall says that he's in South Beach, trying to figure out if some guy is "banging his stepdaughter." Karen says she's covering for someone and picking up a guy named Pell, then adds that she's been working for twenty-seven hours straight because she has to cover for guys on loan to the DEA Task Force.

Back on the plane, Pell (formerly Skinny) gives the eye to a lady sitting across the aisle, who seems receptive. George says he doesn't know how Pell does it, because he can't even seduce his own wife. Pell says that George could stand to lose a few pounds. George -- who is looking increasingly sweaty -- says he tries to every year, and adds that maybe after dropping off Pell, he'll go to the hotel pool and swim a few laps, and then hit the weight room. George suddenly bends forward and clutches his chest, before slumping back in his seat. Pell (whose wrists are handcuffed) shakes George a few times but gets no response. That was the fastest heart attack ever.

Karen hangs up the phone, because Pell's plane is landing.

Elsewhere, Marshall arrives at the beach, and spots the older gentleman he's been following kissing a young lady, presumably his stepdaughter. Ew.

Back at the airport, Karen watches the people getting off Pell's plane. Pell hurries off, but he's now wearing George's badge on his belt. Karen spots the badge and asks, "George?" Pell walks back and says that the prisoner is gone, because Pell ("George") fell asleep for a minute. He confirms that the prisoner is still handcuffed. Karen dials up Pete on her cell phone and says that they have "a rabbit" named Nicholas Pell. She asks to have a mug shot faxed to the airport, and then hands the phone over to Pell so that he can give a description of the fugitive. Pell makes up a description and hands back the phone. Karen tells Pete to set up roadblocks in all directions, and gives him her new cell-phone number before hanging up. Karen tells Pell that the fugitive probably won't get far, and then advises him to "get with airport Security and set up a perimeter" since he knows what the fugitive looks like, and she'll join him in a minute. Pell watches her walk off in her stilettos and tight skirt.

Karen walks up to the reservation desk, flashes her badge, and says she's expecting a fax. She hears a commotion and sees EMTs wheeling a body off the plane. One of them tells Karen that they had a DOA on the incoming flight. Karen looks worried and grabs the fax as it is handed to her, spotting Pell's mug shot. She looks around the terminal (which is indicated by the camera whirling around her until I'm dizzy), but there is no sign of Pell anywhere. She drops the fax and runs out the door. Instead of the normal funky credits, we just get the title logo along with some techno music. It's all very Alias. And I love that show, and I like this show, but they shouldn't mix.

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