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The One That Got Away

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The One That Got Away

Amos sits down and says, "The man's gun has never cleared his holster and he talks like Eliot Ness." Karen apologizes, and Amos tells her that if she wants respect, she's going about it the wrong way. Karen asks if that's supposed to be a pep talk. Amos says that in their business, it's never a good thing to lose a prisoner, and now she needs to go out and get him back. Karen reminds Amos of what Burden said, and Amos says he doesn't care what Burden thinks. A smile spreads across Karen's face, and she thanks Amos and leaves. Amos tells her not to let Burden know what she's doing.

Karen walks into a parking garage. Peter Horton is on the phone, arguing with someone. He spots Karen walking toward him and hangs up, saying he "can't deal with this right now." He greets Karen familiarly and leans in, saying that it 's been a rough day. Karen nonchalantly says that it could've been worse, because she could've lost two guys. Peter says that he has a detail but he was planning on coming by her place later. Karen says, "I've just gotten comfortable with where we're at" and opens her car door. Peter says, "Well, I'm not very comfortable with where we're at." He leans in, and Karen puts the car door between them and says, "Your problem, Ray, is that you're not uncomfortable enough." She adds, "Watch your fingers," and then slams the car door, leaving Ray (Peter Horton) standing there like a goof as she pulls away. So I guess that's Ray Nicolette, the role Michael Keaton played in the movie. ["And reprised in Jackie Brown, which was also based on an Elmore Leonard book, and also starred Robert Forster." -- Wing Chun]

Karen stands at a private airport, watching a private plane land. Some cop cars pull up with their sirens blaring, and Burden and Ray get out of them. Karen says to herself, "Gee, Ray, you might have mentioned." Martha Plimpton, dressed in a red suit, gets out of the plane, and Burden starts talking to her. Karen's phone rings, so she runs back to her car to answer it, and it's Pell. He starts talking about how she wasn't very nice to him in the airport. Oh, sorry she didn't have a bunch of helium balloons and a cake. Mmm, cake. Karen asks how he got her number, and Pell says that she gave it to Pete in the airport. So he's not only a con artist and a murderer, but he's got a great memory. Karen asks why he's calling. Pell says that she's a memorable person with a forgettable name, and laments that there aren't many songs about girls named Karen. Girl, I feel that. There are just about no songs that mention Kim, except the ones by Eminem, and those aren't generally very nice. Pell says that he used to sing "Chelsea Hotel #2" to Chelsea Wentworth, and that every girl needs a song, so he might write one about Karen. She suggests that they meet for a bourbon so he can sing it to her. Pell ignores the suggestion and thanks her for her help. He hangs up, and the camera pans back to reveal that he's standing about a hundred yards away from Karen, and she has no idea. Oh, that scamp! He's a regular Hannibal Lecter, minus the brain-eating and flaying and stuff.

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