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The One That Got Away

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The One That Got Away

Karen joins her father at the driving range. Even though she totally sneaks up behind him, he's not at all startled. That Marshall is one cool customer. They exchange small talk about the Marlins, and then Karen asks if he's going to mention her screw-up at the airport. Marshall says he was stalling, and then says that he once lost a prisoner. Karen starts to tell him that his story isn't helping, and Marshall says that you learn by doing. Karen admits for the first time that she feels like an idiot. Marshall looks at her sadly and says that you learn by doing wrong. He advises her to hit some golf balls, because she'll feel better. Father and daughter hit a bucket of balls together as "God Song" by Beth Orton plays.

Karen sits in her car outside the gate to what looks like a large estate of some sort. Ray walks out of the gate and approaches her car. Karen rolls down the window and wishes him a good morning. He asks her what is so important that it couldn't wait until later. Karen says, "I need to see her, Ray."

Cut to Karen and Ray walking inside the estate. Karen stops when she sees Chelsea Wentworth (Martha Plimpton) sitting poolside, still dressed all in red, and petting a dog. Ray tells Karen that she has five minutes. Karen walks up to Chelsea, who is listening to a Leonard Cohen CD. Karen says it's a pretty song, and Chelsea says it's sad, and switches it off, then says she likes sad songs, because they let you know that there's someone else in the world more miserable than you. Well, she's a barrel of monkeys, isn't she? Karen holds out her hand and introduces herself, but Chelsea says she already knows who Karen is, because Burden told her all about Karen. Chelsea adds that Burden doesn't like Karen very much. Karen says she knows that Chelsea has been through a lot, but Karen would like to ask her a few questions. Chelsea suggests that they go for a walk, and when she stands up, it becomes apparent that Chelsea is blind.

As they walk along the ocean, Chelsea tells Karen that her blindness is the result of diabetic retinopathy, and that she spends twelve hours a week on a dialysis machine. Chelsea adds that the same physician was treating her and Pell. Karen is surprised to learn that Pell is diabetic. Chelsea says she'd only been blind for a year, and that Pell was a nice man she met in the waiting room who put his hand on her knee. Chelsea says that Pell can be very charming, and that he killed a man. Martha Plimpton has a really weird line delivery in these scenes, and I guess it's supposed to be upper-class or something, and she would know, but it just sounds strange. But I've had a soft spot for Martha Plimpton dating back to Goonies so I'm just going to let it go. Karen knows it was a cop. Chelsea says that Rufus found the cop buried in the rose garden. Karen thinks that Rufus is the gardener, but Chelsea corrects her, saying that Rufus is her guide dog. Chelsea says that Rufus managed to dig up the cop, even though he was buried six feet deep. Chelsea says that Pell never struck her as a violent man, and that he was a good listener. Karen says that he's a murderer. Chelsea asks what Karen will do when she finds him. Karen will bring him in. Chelsea asks what Karen will do if Pell won't be brought in. Karen doesn't answer. Chelsea says that Karen would shoot him. Karen responds, "I really don't care how good a listener he is."

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