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The One That Got Away

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The One That Got Away

Karen puts out an APB on Pell from her office. Wouldn't that have been done already? Pete walks up and says the name Alvin Simmons. Karen says that he ratted out Charlie Lucre, but "Charlie beat the rap," and Alvin was relocated and put into Witness Protection. Karen says it was two years ago. Pete slaps down some photos and says that Alvin is back. Karen asks when the photos were taken, and Pete says that it was about an hour ago, in front of Charlie's club, and that they were taken by the FBI agents who are watching Charlie. So you know this episode was originally supposed to come before the first one, because probably the FBI isn't watching Charlie anymore after being slapped with a lawsuit. Anyway, Karen says she can't deal with the Alvin situation. Pete says that Alvin is her guy, and that if she doesn't go get him, "he's going to be gator food."

Karen walks into Charlie's strip club. She spots Alvin ["played by Xander Berkeley, a.k.a. George Mason from 24" -- Wing Chun] drinking a shot at the bar and says hello. He nearly spits out his drink and then asks if he can buy her a drink. Karen says that they have to talk outside. Alvin tells the bartender to tell Charlie that Alvin Simmons stopped by. Karen reminds him that he's supposed to be in Kansas. Alvin says that he had to come back. Karen says that he's in Witness Protection and Relocation, which means he's not supposed to come back. Alvin claims that he was being followed in Kansas. Karen asks about his wife and son. Alvin says that they're with her parents. Oh, no one will be able to find them there. Karen says that he should have called her. Alvin says he panicked. Karen says it doesn't make any sense that he would go to a strip club owned by the guy who's trying to kill him. Alvin claims he fell victim to his old routines. Karen reminds him that he's an accountant, not a "button man." Alvin says that you don't need to be a hit man to go to a strip club. Karen gives him a look, and Alvin says he got tired of waiting forty minutes every morning trying to get up the nerve to start his car. He thought maybe if he talked to Charlie, they could work things out. Karen says he should know that's not going to happen. Alvin claims that he and Charlie are friends, but Karen says that Charlie doesn't have any friends. Shouldn't Alvin realize at this point that he's not going to win this argument? Alvin asks what they do now.

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