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The One That Got Away

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The One That Got Away

Karen takes Alvin back to her place. He asks if she just moved in, in reference to the many boxes sitting around. Karen says she's been there three years, and tells him to sit tight until she can get him on a plane back to Kansas. They walk inside and discover that Marshall's poker game is in full swing. Marshall recognizes Alvin, and they exchange pleasantries. Alvin recognizes one of the poker players who used to work for Charlie, and he tells Karen that all of the poker players are cons. One of them corrects him, "Ex-cons." One of the guys asks Karen if she's playing, and Karen says she has to go out. Mordecai asks if she's called Will. Marshall gives Mordecai a look like, "Cheese it!" and Karen gives her father a look like, "Oh, no you didn't!" Marshall says the guys were just asking if she was still going out with the married FBI guy. Another player says he has the perfect guy for Karen, and he gets out in six months. Everyone chuckles. Ah, ex-con humor. Karen asks the guys where they would go to get a fake passport quickly. Mordecai says he'd go to the Greek, but Marshall says he's "doing a nickel at Lompoc." Sometimes I wish I had ex-con friends just so I could say things like "doing a nickel." Karen says it would have to be done in twenty-four hours. Mordecai says the only guy who could do it is Herve Castillo, adding, "If you knock on his door, you best do it with a SWAT team." Will Colin Farrell and Sam Jackson be involved?

Karen puts a gun in her ankle holster, which I still totally covet. Marshall walks in. Karen asks him to keep an eye on Alvin. Marshall says he will, but he clearly wants to make a trade. Karen promises to call Will. The doorbell rings. Marshall answers the door to find Ray standing there with a cheap bouquet of grocery-store flowers, like, go the extra mile and visit a florist, why don't you? Ray says hello and asks if Karen is there. Karen asks who's there, and Marshall opens the door further and says it's the FBI. Karen cheerily says that she appreciates what Ray did for her today, but that it doesn't change the fact that she told him not to come over. Ray asks if he can come in. Karen twists her hair up into a messy bun and says, "Sure." Ray walks in and starts to talk, but Karen brushes by him to give her father a kiss on the cheek and waltz out the door, leaving Ray standing there like a doofus once again. Marshall turns and brightly says, "So, how's the wife, Ray?" Hee.

Karen arrives in a rundown neighborhood. She enters a house, and walks through it with her gun drawn. There's a big guy watching cartoons on the television. That must be Herve. Karen walks forward until her gun is touching the back of his head, and orders him to stand up. He does. She orders him to put his hands in the air. Herve pretends that he can't hear her and starts speaking in Spanish. A woman runs in from another room and asks (in Spanish) what's going on. Herve tells the woman in Spanish to tell the woman to get his "little knife," which is in the drawer. It's nice to know that he has a wide variety of knives and thus needs to specify which one he wants this time. Karen tells the woman, in Spanish, not to move. Herve asks if Karen's going to shoot him, and adds that she's got a big gun for such a little girl. He moves forward and yells in Spanish, "Get me my knife! Or when I'm done with her, I'll take care of you." The woman -- visibly frightened -- takes off. When Karen turns to see where the woman is going, Herve grabs her gun hand. Karen punches him in the throat, and the fight begins. Karen ends up hitting Herve with the butt of her gun, which knocks him out, and she handcuffs him. The woman re-enters the room and drops the knife on the floor. Damn. If that's the little knife, I'd hate to see the big one. Karen holds up a photo of Pell and asks if the woman knows him.

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