Fall Pilot Season: Kath & Kim

by Lauren Gitlin October 10, 2008
Kath & Kim Premiere

Okay, so, all in all, not bad. Most of the funny bits were things we'd seen in the promos, so it remains to be seen whether they can keep it rolling with the bon mots and malapropisms, but Molly Shannon and Selma Blair have great chemistry, and the satire is satisfyingly clever. It'll never be quite on the level that the Aussie one is, which is impossible by definition partly because so much of the humor was distinctly cultural. And it doesn't help matters in my mind that they completely cut the character of Kim's best friend Sharon, though if they'd kept her they'd have had the staggering obstacle of casting someone who could capture the uniquely hysterical caricature that Magda Szubanski played so perfectly. It's not really fair to compare the two. As Kim might say, it's like comparing apples to appletinis. But I'm hopeful that the show will maintain. Cheers to that, fools.

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