Bravo’s A-List Awards

Up next is Caroline Rhea. I first thought she had gotten really fat since she'd stopped hosting The Biggest Loser. Turns out she's pregnant. Oops! She's fine and her extra hormones are really delighted to be giving away the "Rear of the Year Award." This is officially my favorite category. I don't know what the plans are for next years award show, but they need to bring this one back. Caroline informs the winner that she's supposed to make out with him. Gilles Marini, who has a big role in the Sex and the City movie makes Caroline happy by giving her a big lipsmack. He gives a very gracious acceptance speech and seems to be overwhelmed by the experience. So sweetly oblivious. Love it.

Kathy comes out and does her "In Memoriam" tribute to the people who are now dead to her. On the list are her usual suspects: Ryan Seacrest, Dr. Phil, Mrs. Phil, Scientology, George W. Bush. I feel like there were more, or she talked more or something, but I really lacked the foresight to take notes on this while I was there. Guess I know for next time.

Tyson Beckford presents with Rachel Dratch. I think she makes a Real Housewives reference, since they flash to the Housewives during her speech. Rachel talks about how they often make love, and talk about the best TV shows. Tyson is not called upon to do much more than just stand there and look gorgeous. He's very good at that. Way to play to your strengths. 30 Rock wins, which I kind of figured out pretty early since I saw Kenneth the Page, blonde receptionist and Judah sitting in the audience the whole time. No Tina or Alec or Tracy or even Jane though. Blurgh.

Tim Gunn is back. Again. I swear he should get a co-hosting credit because he's already had more screen time than Kathy. He kicking off the fashion show, after the last minute prep work and dressing is shown.

Rachel Zoe comes out with Gunn to introduce the awards show. They talk about UNICEF. Niki Taylor looks fuzzy in Laura Bennett's dress. For a former model she seems a little wobbly on stage. Kat Von D rocks Sweet P's tartan inspired rock number. But I'm biased. I am a big Kat fan. Some day when I get over my fear of needles, and pain, I'll get a tattoo from her. Ms. Sex and the City does her best Carrie Bradshaw. Michael Knight puts Karina in this slink little white dress and she looks amazing. Eat your heart out, Mario. Nikki Blonsky gives a little wink in her Malan original. Holly (who stood and handed out awards most of the night) has been glammed up and is looking like a golden girl in her Chris March gown which shows off her enviable abs. Rebecca Budig looks lovely, I think. It 's a little plain, but nice. Kathy model stomps in her lavender dress and slaps the hands of the Top Chef/Runway guys sitting in the front row as she passes. You sure don't see that at Fashion Week. The designers come out with their models and Michael Knight is wearing shorts. I'm not sure what to do with that information. He kind of makes it work. Then Kathy thanks everyone for coming and we're out. I wish all awards shows were only 90 minutes. My life would be so much better. Instead, I'm dreading however long the Tony Awards are this weekend. There's an awards show that could use some editing help from the Magical Elves.

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