Bravo’s A-List Awards

Tim Gunn glides out on stage with Christian Siriano. Christian says "Ms. Lauren Hutton" is looking fierce. If you call wearing a black bra under a wife beater shirt "fierce", then I guess he's right. He then makes a suggestive comment about liking some Tyson Beckford. Cut to Tyson looking phony shocked. It should be noted that Tyson is sitting next to Tron guy who got a huge round of applause when the lights first went out in the house and he was sitting there glowing. Dude so deserves the "Cewebrity Award," but we'll get to that later.

Timmy is announcing the benefit fashion show. The cash is going to UNICEF's relief efforts in Myanmar. No one the entire night was sure how to say it. It makes me question if I have been saying it right. I think it is "Me-An-Mar." By Christian says "My-an-mar"... I don't know. Is there someone out there who can help me with this one? Tim plays footage of his mini-Runway episode. The designers from several different seasons are back at Parsons to learn about their big challenge. This we actually didn't get to see because it wasn't ready in time. We had to use our imagination. Michael Knight doesn't look as hot as I remembered. Sweet P however looks fuckin' phenomenal... for her. The celebs are paired up with their designers. Rebecca Budig (who I think married Bachelor Bob, so therefore deserves something nice in her life, like a fabulous dress) is matched up with Alison Kelly. Niki Taylor is with Laura Bennett. Candace Bushnell gets Daniel Franco. My beloved Chris March gets Holly Kiser. I didn't know who she was either, but she apparently won Make Me a Supermodel. She looks like a little pixie. Karina Smirnoff is with Michael Knight. Lucky bitch. Nick Verreos pulls the Kathy Griffin card in the lotto and gushes about how he wants to be one of her gays. A-dorable. Sweet P and Malan Breton don't get to meet their ladies, but Sweet P's got Kat Von D (frakkin' awesome) and Malan gets the aforementioned Hairspray cutie Nikki Blonsky. Chris March wants to use human hair. Some things never change. Nick teaches Kathy the walk and she rightly says that he'd be better wearing the dress. Yup. He'd work it.

Tim Gunn does a John Frieda pimpmercial. Kathy bitches about George Clooney ruining the goodie bag free-for-all. She shows off her free gift bag from "Uncle Jack's Steakhouse." Its filled with knives. I'd eat there.

Some blonde girl gives away a fashion award. I think she's a model, but she's fidgety and wearing a really, short skirt and using big "scripted" words and making fun of Judah Friedlander. Anna Sui wins the award, she thanks her fans and her parents... I think she's under the impression that this is like a real awards show where you are supposed to give speeches and be inspirational and such. I tuned out during her speech the first time, but it definitely felt longer in person, though if they cut it, I couldn't actually tell, you how. So much for the insider information.

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