Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

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All Your Dreams Come True

Later! Don Rickles is at Kathy's home. He starts right in, accusing Kathy's home of looking like a sanitarium and being composed entirely of lobbies. Kathy is positively giddy about Don Rickles, who is awesome. Among the things he says is that Tyra Banks "used to work the airport" and Bill Clinton is "working the parks". He interviews that the finger sandwiches were lousy. Finally they call Maggie into the kitchen and spring Rickles on her. Rickles is very nice to her, which I understand is what he's actually like. Maggie congratulates Rickles on his good year (Mr. Warmth won some awards) and he compliments Kathy on her year as well. Kathy and Rickles commiserate about parents, because both of their mothers have said, "I love your act... but why do you have to pick on people so much?" Don says that his mother was always trying to turn him into Alan King or Bob Newhart. Don claims that he's never been meanspirited, and that the way he got away with putting people in the act is "you'd have to be a damn fool to come to see my act and think you won't be insulted". Kathy's positively glowing, because Rickles is talking to her like a fellow comedian. That's success!

Kathy explains how Rickles is her stylistic hero, which I can totally see. She also claims that Don reminds her of her father, which I don't quite get, but it seems to make her happy. Finally, it is time for Don to leave, and Maggie has trouble letting him go. She continues to wave even after he's gone. Maggie's completely delighted to have spent the afternoon with Don Rickles. "It was wonderful," she says, smiling, as we fade to black.

Fade up on Don Rickles! "It was boring. And it was long. I could hardly wait to get out of there and go home, if the driver could find his way back to the States. This is seven miles up a hill on top of a tree. The woman is insane living here. I gotta get outta here. And you're getting on my nerves, so don't ask me anymore questions." The crew breaks up laughing.

Next week: Gloria Estefan and Rosie O'Donnell! And I tell a story about going to Joann Fabrics! Don't miss it!

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Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List




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