Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

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Suck It, Jesus, Kathy's Feeding The Bears!

Sure enough, once merch sales start, Woz starts giving away shit left and right, awash in Bear adoration. Jessica, I think, is honestly pissed. She says it's lucky she has access to the Billionaire Bear's credit card number.

Outside, Kathy comes upon our favorite dancing bear mascot, who apparently did a little too much dancing and is now getting some air -- and some vitamin water -- in a back alley. Kathy sits down next to him, and he really must be woozy because it takes him a while to notice that it's Kathy Griffin sitting next to him. At which point he freaks out. It's adorable.

Kathy and Team Griffin talk about the long line for the men's room and whether or not that means there's fucking going on in there. And whether any of it involves Woz. So Kathy takes the stage and busts out some Oprah/Gayle material, a bit on the Tom Cruise Scientology video, and copious references to the men's room fuck line. Looks like she kills.

After the show, Woz brags to Kathy about all the shirts he sold, while Jessica (who I honestly think is only like 30% kidding at this point) bitches that he just gave 'em away and plunked his own money down for them. Woz crows about all the tips he got, too, while Jess and Tiffany fume, then stage a walk-out...to go get some drinks, no doubt. Kathy forces Tom to join them in solidarity, though he expresses a desire to go work for Woz now. Kathy interviews that she doesn't care if Team Griffin and Team Woz are fighting, so long as the merch is moving. She thanks Woz for "following [his] bliss," since I guess his bliss is selling "Straight To Hell" t-shirts, and gives him a warm and honest hug.


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Joe R probably got himself blacklisted from the Bear community after this recap and will likely need Kathy's help to get back in their good graces. Which is yet another reason she should e-mail him.

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Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List




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