Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

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So now Kathy goes to see Maggie for a "drunken pep talk." Kathy confesses to her mom that she's concerned that the young people won't get her or know her, and that she won't measure up to Jon Stewart. Maggie advises Kathy to use her womanly wiles, and if things get boring, start jumping around and waving pom-poms. Oh, Maggie. Always living in a musical from the '50s. Maggie thinks Kathy should ask them to cheer for "the good old U.S.A." Kathy accuses her mom of making fun of her.

Kathy needs more advice, so she calls her mentor Joan Rivers, who has performed for the troops many times. Joan advises her to get the gays in there, like male nurses. Joan also advises Kathy to talk about the hairy Iraq women, but not to make fun of the President. Kathy understands what Joan is saying, but also thinks she'll see how it feels when she gets there.

Kathy arrives at Walter Reed and wants to meet up with the soldiers and get to know them. Kathy's old Iraq buddy, Lt. Col. Todd, meets up with her first, and Kathy demonstrates how the girls are going to show off their boobs. Army Guy Todd tells them that it may get emotional but they need to keep their shit together. Kathy knows that her job is to put on a brave face and then make them laugh at the end of the day.

Their first stop is Fisher House, where families of the recovering soldiers stay. Someone outside jokes that they thought Ty Pennington was coming. Jokers! These people are jokers. One of the wives (who looks like she's in her early 20s at the most) has a husband who's an amputee. She takes Kathy over to see her accomodations. Kathy talking heads that she can't believe what Susan is going through at such a young age; at that age, Kathy was "temping and trying to get on Fresh Prince of Bel Air." Susan shows off some photos of her husband. Kathy spots a Post-It on the bathroom mirror, which is a note that Susan leaves for her husband every morning. Kathy wants to write a note too, and does; it says, "You can suck it. Kathy Griffin." They discuss how Susan's husband wants to go back into combat, even though he has a prosthetic leg. Kathy is once again blown away how strong Susan and the other women are.

Kathy goes back to Fisher House and meets Will and his wife, Ivy. Will is an amputee as well. Kathy tries to get him to show some emotion, because he has a really flat affect. Kathy is again blown away by his wife, who is under 20 years old. Kathy gets them to promise to come to her show.

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Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List




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