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Logistics: Em vs. Skinner

Okay, before we get to the weecap proper, a bit of business: We've been dealing with the dual Andrews on this show based on a color wheel system, referring to Kelly's goth/grunge/gay assistant as Pale Andrew and Robyn's bronzer-streaked assistant as Orange Andrew. We were fine with it. But tonight, Kelly was kind enough to gift us with a head-slappingly superior method when she referred to Orange Andrew as "Tandrew." Where have you been all my life, Tandrew? So from now on, Pale Andrew is just Andrew, and our orange friend is Tandrew. Done.

So two weeks ago, Stefanie Vorhees finally relieved us of her presence, then Kelly and her lieutenants went to London, then Andrew took Skinner out for a liquid lunch because holy God could she use it.

This week, Kelly, Emily and Robyn are still in London, and we get to see that Kelly and Ilario -- Ava's Eurotrashy-yet-hot father -- are not together but still manage to get it on when they happen to be on the same continent. I'm sorry, please hold -- GET SOME, KELLY CUTRONE! For their last day in London, Kelly and company are helping to produce a runway show for Jeremy Scott, who looks familiar in that "I have probably seen you on another reality show" way. He's an "avant-garde pop artist," says Kelly, which in this case translates to "sends his models down the runway wearing Flintstones outfits." Not Flintstones-inspired outfits, but actual orange sack-dresses with tiger stripes. Oh, FASHION. You're fucking with me this time, right?

Back in New York, Skinner and Tandrew note Emily's obsessive emails to them outlining every little thing they should be doing. Skinner's overworked as it is -- this becomes a theme -- and is in no mood to deal with Emily's trans-Atlantic bullshit. Speaking of Jolly Old, Em and Robyn busy themselves keeping sticky-fingered hangers-on from absconding with Jeremy Scott's free swag. And then back to New York again, as Andrew (and his super-skinny arms) spearheads the "Mom and Dad are coming home, time to clean up" effort.

Once Kelly and her Kel-lettes return, Skinner gets about a metric ton of work dumped onto her. Only now that she's gotten a taste of self-governance, she's not quite having it as Emily hovers over her and nitpicks her every task. There are two problems here: One is that shit is genuinely not getting done, and Kelly needs that to change. Skinner needs to learn to deflect and delegate or else nothing's going to get done. But the other issue is that Emily is a bitch, and Skinner is fed up. At one point, after Emily lectures Skinner over TPS reports or some such paperwork, Skinner reaches her tipping point. She starts crying, at which point she immediately gathers her stuff and starts to go outside, because she knows the rules. This was a "meltdown into a puddle of Skinner-dom," according to (who else?) Delightful Andrew. This is all about how Skinner needs to just shove some of her workload onto someone else, so it's hard to get too invested in the particulars of who's in the right. But the bigger picture is that Skinner needs to learn that burning herself out doesn't make her the best employee on the planet, it makes her the worst. Kelly interviews that she doesn't want Skinner to be a casualty of the business. Ultimately, Skinner returns to the office and re-prioritizes.

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