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There's No Tweeting in Fashion!

Back in NYC, Pale Andrew has taken it upon himself to hire a new intern. He interviews a few before hiring Virginia, who seems to know her shit, has Fashion Week experience, et cetera. Andrew tells her she can start tomorrow, and he's pleased with his work. BUT THEN! Skinner is doing a routine Twitter search for People's Rev chatter and comes across Virginia, who was seriously live-tweeting her whole interview, down to, like, "Stepping off the elevator now!" (She also totally blows Bravo's spot, all "There are cameras everywhere!") Of course, this violates Kelly's strict policy of discretion, and as Skinner explains, "THERE'S NO BLOGGING." She calls Virginia and tells her they're revoking the job offer. And, yes, it seems like a huge overreaction to fire someone over tweets made while not at work. But Virginia also seemed like the kind of fame-seeker who watched every episode of The City, so whatevs.

And we're back where we started: no interns, no help for Skinner's workload. But hey, nobody's on Twitter giving away top secret fashion codes! While we see her working overboard, Skinner interviews that it's her dream to do what Kelly does. In fact, she cites that Sex and the City episode where Carrie fell down on the runway as an inspiration. She wanted to be the woman in the booth, calling the shots. That's right, she wanted to be the Margaret Cho of that episode. Girl, you can get in line.

Pale Andrew is, as ever, attuned to Skinner's workaholism, so he organizes a "field trip." What that means is he and Skinner cut out in the middle of the day to go to a wine bar with friends and actually relax. It is BEYOND necessary, and by the end of the hour, we're seeing a more relaxed Skinner. She even puts on lip gloss! "We made leaps and bounds today," beams Andrew. And nobody from London even called, so no one needed to use Andrew's "explosive diarrhea" excuse he had planned. A good day, indeed.

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