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The Unbearable Lightness of Being Andrew

So we learn some things about Andrew this week. Like that he has a giant designer-crush on Rick Owens. And that he has seen the Addams Family movie enough times to know what the Mamoushka is. Or that he and his crazy-wealthy parents live in adjoining apartments, and that it's not so much that Andrew needs a job as that he spends his days working at a job. Which means that while, say, Skinner and Tandrew are each driving themselves to Ulcer Town for various reasons, Andrew's big existential crisis involves whether he wants to continue working in fashion PR or pursue his dream of being a fashion designer. It means that he's got a giant, gold Versace throne in his bedroom. In his apartment that adjoins his crazy-wealthy parents' apartment. I still love Andrew, you guys, but it's important to know the flakiness that comes with the Andrew package.

Starting with the part this week where People's Revolution runs out of paper. Like, entirely. Because Andrew forgot to place the order for more paper. Kelly describes Andrew's upbringing for us -- "As my grandmother used to say, he's spent his life 'with his ass on a tub of butter.'" I have NO idea what that means, but I love it. So Andrew orders, like, three crates full of paper at once so he won't have to order again for a long time, because it's a hassle. And even though it totally busts the People's Rev budget. It's going to shock you to know that I think Andrew is impractical.

The budget problems are an issue, though. Kelly's feeling the cash crunch, having put up some of her own money to float the business by until some of their clients' bills come due. As such, they can't afford to hire anyone despite the fact that they are woefully understaffed. And shit's about to get a whole lot more woeful. But first! Andrew gets staffed out to help Skinner and her giant mountain of work.

On that tip, Andrew gets assigned to oversee a look-book photo shoot for client Xeniya, which makes a line of under-$500 gowns (bless Kelly for selling this as an economy-friendly outfit). Andrew and Skinner preside over the shoot, and it goes down with a bare minimum of disaster and drama. It's their usual dynamic, Andrew trying to get Skinner to de-stress, Skinner trying to nudge Andrew in the general direction of doing more work. Andrew does get the owner of Xeniya to admire his ripped fishnets, though. Kelly is duly impressed -- with the shoot, not necessarily with the stockings. She tells Andrew she could probably get him a job at Rick Owens. She just wants him to give her 8 months of hard work. Andrew, in that semi-oblivious way that I'm still choosing to find endearing, is like, "I've already worked for you a whole month and you still think I just started here!" Oh, Andrew. But it's a cheerful whine, and ultimately I think Andrew likes working for Kelly. Even if the "working" part isn't always what he's looking for.

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