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The Prime of Miss Kelly Cutrone

Meanwhile, Andrew gathers everyone at the tony Carlyle suite, and they wait. When Kelly finally shows up, she's genuinely surprised -- shocked, in fact -- that these people organized the surprise for her. She even gives Skinner ten up top. AND she gets tearful, not only at the party as she tries to articulate how much this means to her, but also in her interview. "I don't have other people to think about me like that," Kelly says, as she chokes up and starts to cry. Then she says she'll have to go outside, as per her own rules. You guys! Me too, maybe!

So that was Season 1 of Kell on Earth, a show that surpassed my expectations pretty significantly. I knew I liked Kelly, but not only did she not disappoint, but supporting characters like Skinner and Andrew and the People's Rev gang (yes, even Robyn) turned out to be pretty compelling. And in Skinner and Andrew's case, wildly likeable. Kudos on that, Kell on Earth. Here's to a Season 2.

Joe R hopes to be dragged out of the path of a guerilla fashion shoot by Kelly Cutrone on the way to work tomorrow. Questions, comments, and unadulterated love can be sent to him at

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