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So Grace arrives for her first day, and on the basis of being competent and flesh-colored, she's already one up on Vorhees and Tandrew. Everyone's happy to have her. The task of the day is clearing out the second-floor space, as Kelly's going to be renting it out. So racks and racks of clothes have to be inventoried, then moved. But when Emily steps out for a bite, Grace asks Skinner if she needs her to do anything, and Skinner...well, there's some debate over whether she tells Grace she can go home or just says there's nothing she needs for her to do, and what the difference between the two actually is. Emily's pissed at Grace for leaving "early" (i.e. not as insanely late as everyone else), while Kelly (who is offsite but gets word) is more angry at Skinner for continuing to take on all the work and failing to delegate. Moreover, there's the issue that Grace technically outranks Skinner, so Skinner isn't really in a position to dismiss her. Emily stands up for Skinner, which is notable, but I think I'm with Kelly here. Skinner can't play the "I didn't send her home" card when she refuses to hand off any bit of the work. It's starting to seem like Skinner defines herself by being overworked, and despite how insane that makes her, she's not willing to let go of being the overburdened one. Kelly finally comes back to the office and lays down the law: Nobody leaves until everybody can leave, and Skinner needs to spread the work around.

So that's taken care of, but one casualty of Skinner's workaholism is, unsurprisingly, her relationship with Alano. He breaks up with her, which makes Skinner sad, but I think she thinks it was inevitable. Again, she's not willing to let go of being a workaholic, so on some level she was expecting this. Kelly makes the argument that Skinner should fight for her relationship, both because she wants Skinner to be happy and also because, I think, she doesn't want People's Rev to be responsible for killing the relationship. Ultimately, re: Skinner, Kelly realizes "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink." Believe it or not, she meant that as endearing.

Meanwhile, Andrew helps Skinner out by introducing her to Cinnabon-flavored ice cream. Andrew, as always, wins.

Joe R can attest to the power of Cinnabon ice cream. He hopes Andrew was kidding about that "right now" stuff. Questions, comments, and unadulterated love can be sent to him at

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