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The People's Revolution Will Be Televised

Crisis #4: At Bryant Park, there are technical glitches with the monitors and such. Gorka, David's increasingly fetching business partner, quietly freaks to Kelly, who goes on a controlled rampage on her headset until tech people show up and fix it. "This is why my charming personality makes things happen," she says. Kelly then goes up to her production booth and directs the show. Meanwhile, Andrew has a crush on one of David Delfin's models.

After the show, Kelly sets up photo ops and press interviews for David. Kelly marvels at how sweet and happy and grateful David always is, and how rare a quality that is in the fashion biz. She even makes up with that wayward photog. And does it like so: "Oh, photographer, IMG, c'mere, you can make up with me now. You get this shot for me, you put it up on your website and you get a clean slate." You see now why I need Kelly as my personal life coach?

That night, back at the offices, Kelly tries to put her matchmaking skills to the test for Andrew and his beloved Madrid model. She calls up Gorka to try to set something up, but alas, Hottie Model has a boyfriend. That's not entirely a dealbreaker for Andrew. Kelly gives a shudder at the idea that Andrew would go out hounding for a threeway, while Andrew... maybe is about to go hounding for a threeway.

After the break, we have get to spend time with Robyn, who tells us her lease was up and thus she is now living in the 5th-floor showroom at People's Rev. She does give us some insight into the PR setup (floor 2: showroom; 3: offices; 4: Kelly's apartment; 5: showroom + Robyn's flop-house). Downstairs at Kelly's place, our heroine is doddering around the kitchen in a caftan that looks like it was sewn together by a quilting commune upstate. Kelly's a single mom (with a nanny... named Nana), and she explains that the live-work nature of the building is so she can spend as much time as possible with Ava.

Crisis #5: The next show is for Chado Ralph Rucci, who Kelly takes great pains to mention is the only American couturier. "I know a lot of people like to use the word, like Juicy Couture, or 'Oh, I have a couture dress,' well you really DON'T." Heeee hee. So, yes, couturiers are accredited or licensed or whatever. So now we all know for the test, right? Juicy Couture is NOT real couture. Anyway, Ralph Rucci's status makes this show HUGE.

The drama for this show seems to surround the seating chart. Andre Leon Talley, Martha Stewart, Harper's Bazaar, oh my. Kelly motormouths the strategy of it all, sitting the celebs away from the gossip columnists and such. So THE LIST is shaping up to be very important. The list gets delegated from Skinner to Stephanie Vorhees, who promptly fucks it up in some undefined way. Kelly, because she's amazing, turns it into a teaching moment for Skinner, who needs to learn how to delegate in a way where shit gets done and not just pushed off her plate. Robyn, because she is awful, turns it into a chance to huff and puff and make empty threats. Anyway, the list gets delegated to Andrew, who is maybe freaking.

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