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The People's Revolution Will Be Televised

The commercial-buster shows Kelly getting her eyebrows done and a pedicure all in her office while she works. Obviously, I love Kelly's anti-glam aesthetic, but I don't need close-ups of toenails, come on.

After the break, Robyn's harping on the RSVP issue, which got transferred from Stephanie to Andrew. Meanwhile, Skinner totally loves Andrew and covers for him and helps him fix whatever fuckup he caused. You know, much as I thought Kelly's entire office was going to be useless and loathsome, the small pocket of people I like on this show actually like each other. It's like if Rachel Zoe had about three more Brads.

We take a mommy break as Kelly tucks Ava in, and then it's back to more RSVP inanity. Clearly, Skinner and Andrew are sorting it out, but Robyn won't shut up about it to Kelly, and she keeps saying "it is what it is" to the point where that already meaningless phrase melts down into equally meaningless phonetics, and it's ugly. Skinner's having a rough time, because on the level she's at, it's pretty much her alone with Robyn and Emily. Andrew offers her a fishnet-clad shoulder to cry on, and it's sweet. And he delivers another choice quote: "'Chado is the only American couturier!' And as snobby as that sounds is as snobby as he is." He says they're demanding. Skinner threatens a nervous breakdown.

The morning of the show, Kelly's stressing to finalize the seating chart, particularly the front row. Ava wanders in and makes what I assume is a playful request for a front-row seat, but I am juuust not quite in tune with how precocious she is to be sure. Meanwhile, Skinner is stuh-RESSING about the seating chart, especially when it won't print up properly. She's totally about to cry, and Kelly's about to lose what tenuous control she has over the freakout quadrant of her brain, so this could all get messy.

Andrew, who has very quickly in this last hour become completely adorable, explains how the seating chart is totally fucked, and since the seating chart is pretty much all the client gives a shit about right now, People's Rev is currently fucked. Kelly is officially pissed off, and Skinner has no idea how to fix it. It sounds like they're going to type the chart by hand (oh, on the handy office typewriter?), just because the database software is shitting the bed. To Kelly's credit, she stops cursing out Skinner once she realizes this is computer, not human, error. But the point remains: "We're totally fucked."

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