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You Kent Go Home Again

Metropolis. Tess and Emil walk along that multipurpose street and talk about gold kryptonite. Emil's done some research and found out the stuff really does exist. Moreover, it has the ability to permanently take away Clark's powers. Foreshadowing! But not exactly suspenseful. The conversation turns, with Emil's steering, to Tess's date with Clark Luthor. He calls it "romantic" and Tess disabuses him of that notion, seeing as how she nearly got killed. Having seen the date himself from surveillance footage, Emil says Tess seemed tempted, not just by Clark Luthor, but by his offer to kill Lionel. "That's not the Tess I know," Emil says gently. It's Smallville, buddy. Character traits and motivations change from week to week.

Farm. Clark takes a break from stacking firewood to gaze out at the sun-dappled fields and picturesque barn. Lois joins him on the porch and notices that he's wearing Jonathan's old jacket. They sit together and drink beers and Lois asks him about what happened "on the other side." For some reason, Clark declines to talk about it. "I was just trying to find my way home," is all he says about it. The talk turns to their current home. Clark says he's not the one who called the Realtor. Turns out the agent got wind of the deed switch and took it upon herself to visit the farm. But, as Clark admits, it did point out a few problems they've been ignoring. With their hectic lives, they don't really have time for the farm. "I've known we should be moving to Metropolis for a while now," he says. "I guess I was afraid that I'd lose myself if I let it all go." You could always lease the farm, you know. It's always all-or-nothing with these people. Clark wonders if he's been using the farm and his fears as an excuse not to move on. "It's not the place that makes the home," he says. "Smallville is my home, Clark," Lois says. She means, of course, Clark "Smallville" Kent. She's supportive of whatever decision he makes. If he thinks they need to move, then she's with him. Clark says he'll call the Realtor in the morning. They snuggle together on the porch and look wistful together.

Alt-Metropolis. Things still look gritty and gray, but Jonathan Kent has done a respectable job of cleaning himself up. He's not GQ-ready quite yet, but at least he doesn't appear to reek of vomit and booze anymore. He makes his way to a small apartment building while the Woodwinds of Lost Opportunities play in the background. He walks up the steps and pauses for a long while before pushing the button next to Martha's name. (The other names, in case you were wondering, are L. Ganderton and Mr. & Mrs. M. Howes.) He waits for a response as the credits roll.

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