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You Kent Go Home Again

"I lost you," Clark says. Jonathan sniffles and reminds him he needs to get out of there. Clark doesn't want to leave Jonathan. Jonathan's pretty down on himself for being a loser who's squatting in his former house. "It's not the place; it's the people in it," Clark says. He tells Jonathan to go find Martha. "It's better to risk everything than to hold onto nothing." Jonathan is helpless in the face of such skilled platitudinizing. He learned from the master. They hear sirens in the distance, coming closer. Jonathan tells him to get going. "Goodbye and good luck," he says. After a long, emotive pause, he calls Clark "Son." As they approach each other for a hug, Clark is suddenly sucked into a flash of light. He wails in frustration.

He lands with a thud on the sunny kitchen floor in his own reality. Lois runs over and embraces him. Emil gives them a proud smile tinged with exhaustion. "Where's Clark Luthor? I need to find him." I bet he's in one of the four or five places everybody goes on this show. If he's not on that one multipurpose street corner or at the Grungy Warehouse of the Week, that narrows things way down.

Indeed, he's currently dragging Tess into her LuthorCorp office. They're still wearing the clothes from their date. Is it the next night now? What the hell? He gives her a little shove toward her desk. She blathers some excuse about the satellite they use to track Lionel. "This could take me a little," she says. He uses the time to squeeze in a little extra creepiness. He circles around behind her and closes his hands around her neck. He squeezes ever so slightly, then moves down to her shoulders. This has finally crossed Tess's threshold of weird turn-ons and she looks like she's going to vomit and cry, possibly at the same time. She tries to deny his accusation that she's "wrestling with the morality" of killing Lionel. The computer beeps and she gives him a GPS that she says will lead him to Lionel. Bro gives the back of her neck another squeeze. "I'll be back," he says. "To start our new life together." Her eyes tear up but she manages to hold it together until he zips out of the room.

She quickly taps away at the computer, rerouting the signal. A moment later, Luthor returns. "Did you find him?" Tess asks with false hope. "Or did he elude us again?" "It's done," Luthor says. He gives her a smile and shoves the desk aside. As he advances on her, the smile fades. "Now it's time to celebrate," he says. He looks like a total psycho. He leans in to kiss her, but she turns her face away. He drops any tiny pretense. He knows she reprogrammed the tracker. In a scary calm whisper, he tells her that he's going to kill her. Holding her by the throat, he shoves her through the window. Crappy CGI glass shatters. Lucky for Tess, her head does not splat like a melon with the force that would be required for such a feat. Luthor dangles her high above the city street. "You chose him over me, Tess," he says. "He's my father," she says. She would shrug helplessly if she could. Luthor calls their father a monster, which, you know, takes one to know one, as the kids say on the playground. Tess is holding onto his wrist for dear life. Whether what she says next is true or an appeal to save her life (or both, I don't know, but it's sad, nonetheless. And it is this: "You said we could have a life together, and in some twisted, messed-up way, it's what I want... with you. I can't bear it, but I do." Luthor leans down, gives her a look of disgust, and says he can't trust her. As he dangles her further out the window, a blur whooshes by and snatches her from his hand. He stares at empty space, agog.

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